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Anyone else get a pop up box on their iDevice recently requiring them to enter their Apple ID and password only to have it lock out anyway?

Happened to me this morning.  After waiting on hold for 20 minutes the issue was resolved by creating a new, longer, more secure password.   The person at the call center said their had been no problems with my account previously (no rogue password reset attempts, no multiple login attempts, no sketchy log in requests originating in Uganda, etc).

So since there was no action that would have resulted in a conservative decision to lock the account until I could be verified; I can only guess that this was an underhanded way to force longer passwords on users.    

Did I miss an email or notice stating that this new requirement was coming?


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    My iDevices are all still working fine with iCloud using a short password (and computers logging into Mail and sync functions) ... but I recently tried logging on to iCloud from a browser on the laptop, and it is telling me I have to create a new, more secure (longer) password ... haven't done it yet, and the devices are still fine with the old/short one ... but I suppose I'm going to have to give in and "upgrade" the password one of these days.

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