emagic inhouse MEANS better hadware!

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i cant believe it, a crowed audio topic in AI!

I'm starting a new thread because the other had nothing to do with hardware improvements.

To those who bought the soundblaster for mac: I SERIOUSLY WARNED YOU (when it was first announced), So dont complain now about that piece of crap.

Regarding the improvements in Mac audio hardware after the acqusition:

well, besides soft, emagic builds some hardware too. They have the best and fastest USB midi interfaces out there (which avoid OMS) But as they previously hired the OMS designers to integrate midi into OS X that means we could have some serious MIDI interface built-in in future hardware as they now have both OMS and FreeMidi engineers in house.

Emagic also builds the best USB audio interface, the emi 2|6, that not only plays 8 simultaneous channels with the lowest ever latency (2+6 thru the 'limited' USB bandwidth) but also can do 24/96. Moreover, the quality of its converters are comparable -or better- to up to $1000 audio interfaces. Emagic thought the 2|6 could be used not only under pro audio environments but for home/surround apps too (has 6 outs). It never took off as a surround home device so now they're also making the 6|2 (6 inputs 2 outputs) and the spdif I/O can be metamorphosed into midi I/O

So from the Mac user perspective this acquisition is extremely good news.

(just the opposite for PC logic users, they're feeling like been 'Microsofted' by APPLE)

Very likely: the merger may get us too some kind of a free 'iLogic' audio app a la iMovie.

BTW The emagic brand will always be there IMHO. Apple cant get in the audio business because of an old lawsuit with Apple Records (Beatles label).


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    [quote]Originally posted by jindrich:


    I'm starting a new thread because the other had nothing to do with hardware improvements.


    And I'm locking this thread because the other will do just fine.

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