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i have complain about the insurance of iphone since iphone 3gs until iphone6  all that generation we pay the phone the contract the insurance now igot my iphone 6 acedentally drop and they got the web crack i still use it but im suffering, i got a finger tiny cut imagine that the phone is working for swiping. i swipe the broken glass, then ill go to apple store in passion valley apple store i got still the insurance the guy told that if the is not working or malfucntioning that will be the insurance will take or subject to change look at that kind of insurance of apple they let custumers specialy the kids if you dont have any extra 150 to 250 dollars out of your pocket  to fix your phone you've suffer to swipe the  broken glass  until your phone is gona  be malfuctioning.what apple think for this problem. hey if steve job still alive he dosent approve like that of insurance policies thats stupid...
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