How many people jailbreak and use Cydia?

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Doing a school research and would like to know how many people jailbreak and download Cydia to their iPhone or iPad. Would like to know how many people support jailbreak and how many support no jailbreak. My research is among 100 iOS users. Can you please let me know whether you are jailbroken or not?

Thousand thanks in advance.


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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 23,161member
    Don't expect to get much help here. You should look to other sources as this one would not be representative, skewed heavily to "don't jailbreak" for a few legitimate reasons, not the least of which is Apple has made it ever more difficult to do so. 
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    I don't jailbreak my devices... but I 100% support the ability for others to do so.

    Apple has every right to make their iOS difficult to open, but that shouldn't mean that people don't have the right to try to crack it. (and publicly disseminate that information when they succeed.)
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