Gamevice controller changed my mind on playing games on my iPad

in iPad

I'm an avid Xbox and Playstation fan, love the deep games that both consoles have.  The best thing about consoles like Xbox One/PS4 are the controllers.  I love my iPad Mini 2, it has some decent games, but most are casual games.  Strategy games are ok with the touch screen, but action games are not really satisfying.  I have some great shooters on my iPad like Geometry Wars 3 and Grand Theft Auto, but touch screen controls ruin the gameplay.  I tried a MFi controller from MadCatz, it solved the issue, but I had to find a table to play a game and limited the mobility of the iPad.  Might as well play my Xbox or PS4.   Then I came across the gamevice controller for my iPad Mini 2, loved it, games are so much better.  Of course games have to be MFi compatible, but gamevice has an app that display all the games that work with it.  I like the controller so much, I actually upgraded to iPad Air 2, and bought the gamevice controller that for Ipad Air.  That's the bad part, you have to buy a different controller for different devices, but the advantages of holding the controller and iPad is breath-taking.  This is what Sony should have made, or Nintendo.  Anyways, check out my youtube review of the gamevice controller, its expensive ( $99), but definitely worth it.  

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