Uploading Photos from a PC to iPhone 6S Album/folder or Whatever

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Very new to iPhone. No problem doing this on my Android tablet.

I would like to upload photos from my PC to various albums on my iPhone 6S.

This is what I tried.

I downloaded iTunes to my PC.

I disconnected the wall plug from my charging cable and plugged it into a USB port on my PC and also to my 6S.

I had previous created an album on the 6S.

iTunes recognizes my 6S. I then selected photos on the left side.

I'm able to select a folder on my PC but don't see individual photos that I can select.

When I click on Apply the photos are uploaded to the 6S into an album with the same name as the folder on my PC. The display sequence might be the creation date (not sure).

I can live with this process except for the following.

I uploaded photos from another folder on my PC and they replaced the previous album I had uploaded. Gone!!!

Am I using a flawed process that should be replaced or am I closed somehow?


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