PowerBook G4 bag suggestions?

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My sister needs both a sleeve and a larger bag for her PowerBook G4. I looked at the Waterfield, Brenthaven, Timbuk2, Incase, Marware, etc. bags but I'd rather have testimonials to go with them other than the website sales pitch and what I have to go on at <a href="http://www.bagreview.com"; target="_blank">www.bagreview.com</a> (which has reviews for the three bags I mention below.)

The Brenthaven Titanium-1 looks really nice, but it might be a little overkill with all the pouches. It's around 4 pounds so it's pretty light but there are less featureful bags that are around 2 pounds.

The Tom Bihn Eclipse looks like a decent lightweight bag, but it doesn't come with a sleeve, which my sister could use for when she just wants to slip her laptop into her backpack.

The Timbuk2 Mogwai looks really nice to me, but I'm not sure how if my sister likes the loose messenger bag look. It also looks bigger than the two bags I mentioned above.


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    I don't have any experience with those bags. I got a neoprene sleeve from madsonline.com and just put it in my regular North Face backpack. It works pretty well.
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    What about getting a backpack that is designed to carry a laptop? That's what I would get. I think Eastpak and Jansport make ones.

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    Possibly an idea would be <a href="http://www.jambags.com/pbcases.html"; target="_blank">MacCase® Sleeve for PowerBook</a> and she could use a backpack as the bag. I am thinking of doing this as my Crumpler bag is not suitable anymore for me!
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