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I was kinda wondering, if we really want certain changes to how Apple treats the Mac and really, other products, then why don't we start an email campaign? Or even just hop on Twitter and explain (calmly and respectfully) and just have as many people as possible explain that;

1) Apple needs to make the Mac computer favor performance over being thin. As in, no more mobile processors over desktop processors on the desktops and quit trying so hard to make the Macbook so thin that they axe several ports.

2) Bring down the price of the Mac Mini and allow it to be upgradable in terms of RAM and storage. If they want, they can even put in a Celeron or Pentinum in the base model for those who would buy a Mac as an add-on to their iPad and iPhone. Even make a MacBook that can compete price-wise with Cloudbooks and Chromebooks.

3) Be more reasonable with their iPhone seeing as two-year contracts are ending and Android is showing that you don't need a $600 phone

4) Actually focus on the core assets, why are Watch Bands needing more focus than the Mac or iPad?

I love my iPhone and iPad, but Apple seems to be slipping. Maybe if we email, tweet, and otherwise just vocalize enough maybe Apple will understand the customer better. Anyone like the idea?

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    sphericspheric Posts: 2,477member
    I am absolutely certain that Apple knows there are people out there who feel this way. 

    They've just prioritized differently, because they figure that it will better help build their brand in the long term. 
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