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I've decided to make my first apple purchase one of the new powermac's and I need to get a new monitor. Although I realize CRT's are generally better, I want an apple LCD to go along with it. My questions are these; How likely is apple to release a 17" widescreen similar to the 17" imac, how often does apple upgrade/drop the LCD price, those of you who use the 22" or 23" does it compare to the 17"? I want the 23" but the price is it worth it? (is there really a BIG difference)

Thanks to all in advance!

Oh yeah...if I drive all the way to an apple retail store (~2.5 hrs away) will they let me take one out to look for dead/stuck pixels?


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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    You may have your heart set on an LCD, but if money is an issue, you want something that matches, you like CRTs, and you want an ADC connection, consider the discontinued 17" CRT Studio Display. It's clear and graphite, has an ADC connection and a two port USB hub, and it's available for about $200 to $250 used.

    For LCDs, I've used all of them at the Apple store. The 22" will blow you away. And then, you'll look at the 23", and it will blow you away even more. Even though it's only a little bigger, the quality is higher and it's a significant difference. But the 17" and 15" are wonderful too, just smaller.

    I did do an analysis of the Apple LCDs - the two wide-aspect ones cost twice as much per pixel (exactly) as the standard ones. This leads to the 22" costing more than twice as much as the 17", despite only having an extra 160 pixels on each side and the same height.

    It costs less to buy TWO 17" studio displays and a DVI-ADC adapter than it does to buy a single 22" cinema display, and you get about 60% more pixels. You also have an ugly break in the screen and a smaller area to play DVDs on, but it's still a good deal.

    I would be getting a new Apple LCD for my new computer (new to me at least), but even the 15" is too expensive (even used), and it's too small. So I'm going CRT. Maybe I'll get a larger LCD later on, if I stumble on a pile of money
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    Thanks for the reply. I guess I'll go see them Friday in the Buffalo retail store...

    Anyone know how the last LCD's were announced?

    Was it an event, because it seems likely we will see a widescreen 17" like the imac (which is what I really want) but I don't want to wait forever...

    Maybe paris? or MWSF? or inbetween?

    It just seems like those 15 and 17"ers have been around a while and are due for an update. Especially since new tech is out (like zero-voltage black and 10-bit gamma correction a-la sharp LL-T1820 [which is what i would get if it weren't so ugly and would have to go in my living room])
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    apcapc Posts: 11member
    All I can say is that, IMO, the 23" Cinema HD Display is worth it. I bought one a couple of weeks ago, and it is absolutely stunning. Vibrant colors, incredible brightness, great viewing angle.

    And not one single stuck or dead pixel on my unit.

    You can see it <a href=""; target="_blank">here</a>.
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