Apple Access Points forcing mobile phones to reboot, and wiping wifi history!

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Here is an odd problem!

I do IT support on super yachts in the Mediterranean. While doing a job on a clients boat I noticed that my phone, which was connected to the WiFi, automatically rebooted itself....when it restarted I discovered that all of the WiFi network history had been wiped clean and so I had to re-join the boat network ( and later my office network, home network etc. etc.). This was not a one off, it kept on happening throughout the day, and indeed anytime that I visited the yacht.

The boat used a mix of AirPort Extreme and Express AP's.

I thought perhaps that this was Apple not liking my Sony Android, however a quick survey of the crew revealed that they were all having this issue on both Android and Apple devices.

After much testing and searching with no progress I resolved that there must be an outside influencer, perhaps the radar or some other electronic interference......until I was on another yacht, that had a similar wifi infrastructure using a mix of Apple AP's , and my phone started rebooting like before. A quick survey of the crew revealed that this was a known issue that the crew had ' learnt to live with'.

I did cycle through the channels and the WiFi signals to see if I could figure the cause but nothing I tried made any difference. I upgraded Firmware, restored to Factory Defaults etc. still no luck.

If anybody has seen this problem before or knows of a fix I would be very very greatful.

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