Connecting new macs with ethernet cable

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I currently have 2 G4's and I have both of them running to a router. Is it possible to add a 10/100 nic card to both macs, then connect the nic cards to the router and the gigabit ethernet on the macs to each other? The reason I am asking this, is because to do quick file transfers (large files) all day, maybe I would get better performance if the Gigabit ports were together and to surf the web, etc, the computers used the 10/100 nic cards?

Any advice would be good. Someone told me maybe it can be done through osX with some kind of programming, but he wasn't sure.


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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    Do you mean you want to use the built-in Gigabit ethernet to connect the two directly via a crossover cable, while simultaneously having them each connected to a 100 MBit router? Not sure if it's possible, but why not get a gigabit router? Then there wouldn't be as much hassle. And even the fastest internet connections won't max out your ethernet ports. DSL is only 1.5 MBits.

    Or maybe I've got it totally wrong... I really didn't fully understand your question.
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    cubedudecubedude Posts: 1,556member
    Unless you have an internet connection that is over 10mbps, that is kind of pointless. It is probably easier to just leave it as it is. Though, I didn't understand the question either.
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    dage007dage007 Posts: 320member
    I dont think there are gigabit routers out there in my price range. I think there several thousand dollars. I want both macs connected to each other via gigabit on the mac. Then to surf the web, I have a linksys 10/100 router to my cable modem. I was wondering if I could install two 10/100 nic cards, 1 in each mac, and use those to the router.

    Therefore, 1000Gb transfer between macs (nice for big files)

    10/100 transfer over the modem (fast enough)
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