Thoughts about when next iPad pro update and type of things we will see?

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So I am getting interested in having an iPad Pro.

I recently got a 128gb iPad Air 2 which I haven't opened as I am thinking of upgrading to a Pro. But I am conscious of possible updates coming.

When do you guys see these updates coming and what expected features will we see?

The large iPad Pro is not long from being a year old... I am not sure what size I would go for, I feel the larger iPad pro is great for the pencil, but too big as a tablet, it's also quite heavy (Although it's not so bad, it's just awkward). I love the form factor of the 9.7 inch but it doesn't seem to work so well with the pencil. And of course the larger one doesn't have the true tone display.

Do  you think the update cycle is slowing for iPads and it might be around a year before we get an update? I don't want to buy one then a new version comes out shortly after. I have never owned an iPad so I guess I could wait.

I never like to get 1st gen hardware either, but then again because these are just refined iPads of previous tech, there not really 1st gen devices and I'm not so sure there will be a lot coming in upgrades?

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