WARNING: 9.x Drivers to Disappear Soon?

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Hmmm, I've totally changed the intent of this thread after a bit more poking around here with my computer. It was originally posted to find out how long it takes you folks to get your main work machine back into shape after a major crash or reconstructive surgery.

Now it's a flat-out warning.

Go get all of the necessary 9.x drivers that are out there right now while they're still available. This stuff is about to start disappearing and GOOD LUCK on finding it as quickly as you can now. This is an early warning, I hope you take heed and go grab all the driver and update installers you can and slam them onto a CD, you'll be VERY glad that you did.

One thing that I've been trying to track down is an update to FontReserve that is no longer hosted on DiamondSoft's website (legal reasons my ass). It takes v.2 up to 2.5. Finally, just moments ago, it occurred to me:

I have EVERY disc but #2 from MacAddict. That's 71 discs total. It must be on there somewhere. I'm about to jump into their database and do a little searching.

So. Go get every driver you can find, and subscribe to MacAddict from here until eternity.

That's it.


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    Never mind me then.

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    Do you have some sign that OS X is going to die like a waterlogged German Zoo Elephant?

    Still, I guess what you mean by "drivers" you mean printer/scanner/peripherals drivers. I got a CD when I purchased all of them and I downloaded the rare or occasional update and backed them up.

    OS 9? Closer to flatline than you think.

    Not really bashing here...I think we all back up our shit...anyone who doesn't is an idiot.
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