SSD Upgrade on 2011?

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Hi. I'm new to the forum, so thank you in advance for your kindness in answering my question. I am going back and forth on whether to upgrade my 2011 11' MacBook Air to a 960GB Transcend SSD for $500 or to get a new computer.

I am a thrifty person and since my computer is still in good shape (I could use another battery which I'll grab for $50 on Amazon), the upgrade would be a no-brainer typically. But I'm concerned that as soon as I spend this $500, Apple will upgrade the software and my 2011 will be obsolete. How often do they do this by the way? 

The only thing I do on my computer that is RAM intensive is use Evernote. My wheel does spin when I use Evernote and say have my mail client open. I don't really do any other heavy lifting in terms of photo editing or editing videos. I do have a lot of content though space is my #1 concern.

What do you suggest? Is it crazy for me to drop $500 on an 5 year old computer? As the new Air hasn't really upgraded yet in terms of Retina, memory, is it crazy for me to spend $1600 on a new computer? 
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