Good, compact, cheap speakers?

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What sort of speakers could I get for my computer that are pretty cheap but still sound okay? They don't have to be great, but usually I notice that having a subwoofer helps a lot with quality.

I know Apple sells a Logitech 2.1 system at their website for $50 or so, but what other ones are there at that price range? I'm on a tight budget, but I know that even really cheap speakers can produce wonderful sound for a non-audiophile. My brother has a 2.1 set of Altec Lansing speakers, and they're great. It would be nice if the speakers had a headphone jack built in, so I could quickly change to my headphones when I want to instead of reaching around the back and changing the plugs. The last thing is that my computer doesn't have a Pro Speaker jack, just a headphone jack. Thanks for any help!

EDIT: Currently I use my stereo minisystem as my speaker setup, with a headphone to RCA cable. But it hums audibly, which is really annoying, and I can't use it with headphones (I can, but the sound quality is terrible - static all over the place). It's also way too big to be convenient once I move to college.

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    I'm sure they sound good. But they're not what I'm looking for... I just need something of acceptable quality. Cost is very important, because I don't have much money. So the $180 price tag of the lowest-end 2.1 speaker system is going to prevent me from buying them.

    I've listened to the Harmon-Kardon Champagne speakers and the JBL Creatures, and both sound just fine. They're a bit expensive ($130 each), but my brother's $40 Altec Lansings also sound just as good as those two, maybe a bit better even. I just want something that'll sound okay.
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    Cambridge SoundWorks' PCWorks speaker set

    2.1 set for 39.99

    sound great. bought them for my dorm room. best 39 bucks I have ever spent.
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    Altec Lansing's aren't bad... one of my friends has the ATP3, and it sounds decent.

    Also, Extremetech has an article comparing an Altec Lansing to Logitech speakers, both around $50 each. Didn't read it, but perhaps it will help you make a decision.

    <a href=",3973,372837,00.asp"; target="_blank">,3973,372837,00.asp</a>;
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    [quote] Cambridge SoundWorks' PCWorks speaker set

    2.1 set for 39.99

    sound great. bought them for my dorm room. best 39 bucks I have ever spent. <hr></blockquote>

    yup, got those too
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    i have these sony ones, i do not think they make them any more, but for some reason, even though they do need batteries, produce sound without them, WHEN they are OFF, weird eh? well, it is a power saver! <img src="graemlins/smokin.gif" border="0" alt="[Chilling]" /> <img src="graemlins/smokin.gif" border="0" alt="[Chilling]" />
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    I ordered the Cambridge SoundWorks PCWorks speakers last night. Thanks to everyone who helped out!
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