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Before I install Jaguar I need to backup my files, and so I'm in the market for a CD burner.

In this week's Future Shop (Best Buy to you in the States) flyer there's a CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drive for only $129.00 Canadian that caught my eye.

I was wondering, first of all if anyone knows if <a href=""; target="_blank">this model</a> can be installed in a 400mhz G4, whether I'll need Toast or Disc Burner is fine, and if there are any issues I should know about in removing Apple's stock CD/DVD-ROM.

Anyone have any experience with this kind of upgrade?


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    Toast will write to it. I can't say that disc burner will.
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    Having just finished a similar cdrw internal installation in a g4 400, Id suggest you might want to get an external drive, or you will have too lose your DVD player. The second slot is only half size, so you can only install 1 internal optical. I was gutted when I took off the blanking plate after receiving my new internal cdrw!

    Though if its a combo I wouldn't worry...

    Issues. Removing the blanking plates is an issue in itself. It took me about an hour to figure out what they've done (aswell as being a pussy trying not to scratch/break anything). You need to unclip it from the left and then slide it right and pull. There are 2 sets of clips, both graphite. The ones closest to to centre are the blanking plates. And what got me was that the 2 plates are actually joined together. I was trying to remove the bottom one on its own!. Dont know how they come apart as I didn't need to do this.

    The power connector to the back of Apples drive is a bitch to get off in such a tight space. I had to use pliers after removing the IDE cable.

    There are four small screws holding the drive in place. 2 are easy. The far 2 are evil. There are access holes cut in the metal to allow a very small screwdriver up and its a bitch trying to locate the driver in the screw as you really cant see much. I used precision watch type, but had to rresort to the pliers again to torque the driver as my screws were practically welded on.

    Other than that is childs play. I bought a TEAC drive whiich was intantly recognised on reboot without doing anything..It worked on discburn and toast 4.1.2 no problems at all in both 9 and X (OS9 disc burn has issues though).

    Oh yeah, and there is some sort of metal casing on the back of the drive which I had to remove. God know why its there and its held on with metallic tape, I suggest you remove this before trying to unplug the power and slide it off the cable as best you can, before getting a (G-CLAMP-joke-) to remove the power

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