Need to buy a cheap printer...

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Hey, I just realised that i should be buying a new printer soon... and i was wondering if you guys had any buying advice, or opinions about certain models/makers...

I don't have much money to spend, so right now i'm looking at either a Lexmark Z25 inkjet (40$ canadian after rebate) or a Lexmark Z45 (about 100$). There is a canon S300 bubblejet for 80$... but i don't know which to buy. Anyone have any opinions? Thanks


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    i bought the lexmark Z53 and love it. cheap at $100. nice drivers for both os 9 and X. great print quality, fast, and not to hard on the ink cartriges (very important). beware of really cheap printers, they will cost you a fortune in ink replacements.
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    I had the opposite interaction with a Lexmark. Slow. Buggy Drivers. Cheap.

    Do you really need color, if not, how about a laser printer?

    Inkjet printers may sound cheap, but they are truly so expensive compared to laser printers. A laser printer may cost $250, but it's catridge will last 10-15X longer than an inket.
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    If you don't need to do color prints, definitely get a laser printer. It's worth it trust me. Samsung makes some great laser printers. You could probably find one for under $150. We have a nice HP Laser Jet that we bought in April and we haven't yet had to change the toner. And it only came with half a cartridge of toner! Go for the laser if you can.

    <a href=""; target="_blank">link to good laser</a>. There ya go. Under $199 and I bet if you go to the store you could get it for cheaper. Also if you do need a color printer try Epson. Great brand.

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