Does Sierra disable third party video adapters?

in macOS
I upgraded my MacBook Pro to Sierra on Wednesday...
I was shocked when my trusty mini displayport to VGA adapter didn't work yesterday when I was setting up for a presentation.  After checking for any incompatible software or extensions, reseting NVRAM, SMC, etc., I still was not able to get the adapter to recognize a projector.  Today I checked the adapter with a non-upgraded Mac, and it worked.  I then checked out another generic adapter, which worked in the El Capitan Mac, but not in on the Sierra Mac.  I then tried an Apple branded adapter, and it worked on both.  The Sierra Mac also has no problem recognizing a Thunderbolt display, or a different third party adapter connected to a Samsung monitor.  So, it appears that Mac OS Sierra is now more picky about adapters and two that I have been using for years are no longer functional.  Anyone else notice this.
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