3D game design for Mac

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I'm a game designer, and I'm about to buy a new Power Mac for home and i need to use 3D tools other than MAYA, which i use at work.

Is 3DSMAX available for Macs yet?

Can anyone suggest some good games available for Macs that have nice 3D level editors?

I made the switch recently and I really don't want to have another PC in my house ever again. I need to work at home and cringe at the thought of actually spending good money on a PC over a Mac.


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    amorphamorph Posts: 7,112member
    3DS Max isn't available yet, but Lightwave is, and several others as well.

    Level editors don't often get ported, alas, but you might want to look at Garage Games' engine, or Ambrosia's Coldstone, for possibilities.

    iDevGames.com is a great resource for Mac game programming.
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