"Everything Must Go" Sale At The Wiz!

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Apparently, The Wiz (a chain of electronics stores in the Tristate area) is going through some hard times, and is closing several stores. Today was the first day of their clearance sale at the Eatontown, New Jersey store, and everything was marked 10% off. I went in looking for a good deal on the 5 GB iPod, but instead bought a 733 MHz G4 Power Mac (the last unopened one left) for $1079. The low-end 15" LCD iMac was $1169 and the 550 MHz TiBook was $1899. Right now, the deals aren't bad, but I expect the prices of the eMacs and iMacs to drop further because they had quite a few in stock.


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    emaneman Posts: 7,204member
    I was wondering if there was gunna be big sales at the Wiz when I heard a lot of their stores were closing. I think I'll have to drop by the one by me (because I know they're closing) and see what kind of sales they have.
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