Does my educational sales rep bite?

in General Discussion edited January 2014
I work at a University in Champaign IL, and have a couple of questions for those in similar situations.

We bought 25 eMacs for a lab in July, expecting to run OS9 (since 10.1 isn't worth our time for authentication and such). When I heard 10.2 would be released Aug 24, I got my manager to try to get an early copy of 10.2 for testing so that we can install it in our lab. Our educational sales rep cannot get a copy, doesn't have a copy and isn't really even trying to help(as of yesterday). I could actually still use it this weekend to test, but our sales for Apple go through a centralized purchasing department, so even if it arrived there Sat, they are closed. I would get it Mon, classes start Wed, no time to test given all the others things I have to do during work hours.

This really irks me, since we have several people on ADC, but they only have build 5C113, and Apple wants to migrate users to OSX and recapture the educational market. Is my rep just a lazy ass or something? Has anyone else had a good relationship with their sales rep in getting assistance from them? Am I asking too much? I think not as our Dell & HP reps bend over backward to help out, but maybe Apple treats their sales reps poorly.
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