WHOA! So im sitting here and I'm about to go to Mozilla ....

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WHOA! So im sitting here and I'm about to go to Mozilla ....

and my CD bay just ejects all by itself? What is this all about?



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    andersanders Posts: 6,523member
    :eek: Truly scary stuff.

    If it had just been the tray I would have said you accidently hit a key that ejected that but when it is the entire bay it can only be the work of demons.
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    groveratgroverat Posts: 10,872member
    Best thread ever.
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    Yeah, Mozilla can do crazy things like that.

    It is truly an untamed beast.


    And the beast shall be made legion. Its numbers shall

    be increased a thousand thousand fold. The din of a

    million keyboards like unto a great storm shall cover

    the earth, and the followers of Mammon shall tremble.

    from The Book of Mozilla, 3:31

    (Red Letter Edition)<hr></blockquote>

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    Thanks Guys!
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    "And the beast shall come forth surrounded by a roiling cloud of vengeance. The house of the unbelievers shall be razed and they shall be scorched to the earth. Their tags shall blink until the end of days."

    from The Book of Mozilla, 12:10
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    This is just silly everyone knows Mozilla only ejects the coffee cup holder on usb connected CD's... <img src="graemlins/bugeye.gif" border="0" alt="[Skeptical]" />
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    bodhibodhi Posts: 1,424member
    [quote]Originally posted by groverat:

    <strong>Best thread ever.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    <img src="graemlins/lol.gif" border="0" alt="[Laughing]" />
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    kecksykecksy Posts: 1,002member
    I don't get it. <img src="graemlins/bugeye.gif" border="0" alt="[Skeptical]" />
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    I think you need a shot of whiskey. I can help you with that one....

    Keep an eye on your pants though, some pervert around here has been stealing them...
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    giaguaragiaguara Posts: 2,724member

    Must be something they have copied from windows ...

    <img src="graemlins/bugeye.gif" border="0" alt="[Skeptical]" />
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    stevesteve Posts: 523member
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