Another Reason Why I'm glad I'm a mac user

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I just got Worms World Party for my gaming PC(stupid team 17 never ported a worms game to mac...short of the original and that sucks)

every thing was fine and dandy and I was really enjoying being able to play a worms game again(I was an armagedon fiend for months)then in mid game the PC crashes, reboots, and now worms doesn't work...I try crashes again, and this time it won't start back up(the power supply cable is crummy and you have to rig it up in a funny way to actually have it work)

so....a small hope of innocent(but heavily armed worms) blowing themselves to kibble and bits for a few hours of my day has become 20 minutes of intense frustration and agony. brother is about to goto a PC store that is going out of business and is selling their inventory for dirt cheap...he's planning on getting a 19 inch monitor, 256 megs of RAM, a new soundcard(maybe...our works...but poorly)

a new processor(maybe...ours sucks...but its not broken)

and a cd burner(20 speed write)

all for like 300 bucks....pretty sweet says I....I just hope that the products he gets aren't as cheap in quality as they are in price...cause I'm through with cheap ass parts that keep breaking and well to sum it all up in one word


team 17 is making Worms Blast for Macos...only problem Worms Blast is a puzzle game and not a worms combat whats the fun in that!


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    You prolly beat Gates high score so he bombed your PC
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    Yeah check this out I was using my Wintel machine one day and lovely IE6 is integrated in Windows XP right, well my IE6 goes corrupt and basicly that left me one option and that was to redo my whole system.

    I tried and went though many fixes to reinstall IE6 off of Microsofts site and none of them work. I'm not the only that this has happen to because I did major search on google when I was trying to fix it.

    When it came down to it I had to go and redo it all. I was pissed that was one of the my main reason for moving to Mac.

    Another thing is if you have ever noticed expecially at like my college Windows is the Only OS where you can have a couple hundred computers (DELL) and have them all be identical and yet Windows will install and run different on everyone!!! Now if that isn't a joke.
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