Jack's Apartment Special: Everything $5!

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Ok, I have so much crap that just is not fitting in my new apartment, and it has to go, and I don't really care how. Everything $5! I don't want to ship this stuff anywhere, so I would prefer someone in Boston, or willing to drive here.

A definitive list of crap that must go away...

o Silicon Graphics Indy (R4400SC, 500MB, 64MB)

o Silicon Graphics Indy Present er Flat Panel (alone)

o Silicon Graphics Indy Presenter Adapter Daughtercard

o Silicon Graphics Indigo 2 (Teal) Bare Bones (Needs SCSI hdd, RAM. Sold as is. It takes power fine and plays the startup chime)

o Silicon Graphics Video Card (Elan I believe?) pulled from a working Indigo 2.

o Power Macintosh 6100 (Maxxed out RAM, DOS Card, 500MB hdd)

o 3Com Cable Modem (works, may even still be provisioned on RCN's cables - They forgot to ask for it back *two* years ago. A year after the modem was supposedly disabled, it still worked. It's still a cable modem either way)

o Random SCSI hard drives, none exceeding 4GB. I'll give you all of them for free if you just show up and take them

o Linksys Print Server - 3 Ports

o Assorted ADB and PS/2 keyboards and mice. Please, just take them

o Apple 14" Color CRT. Again, just TAKE this one I may even pay YOU. It works fine, resolution up to 1024x768.

There may be some other crap, if you just show up, you can take almost anything. *Almost* Oh, and I just found a 6GB externally mounted hdd. This was used on an Avid way back when 6GB wasn't too bad... it is NOT an Avid drive however.

I live in the Back Bay Fens, I can almost spit on Fenway Park (God knows I've tried)... email me jack at mac3d dot com. If anyone wants to drop by, afternoons or early mornings work best. Evenings do as well, unless I'm in the studio. *shrugs* Email me, I can give you my #, and we'll figure something out.

If you REALLY want something here, but want me to ship it, email me, and if you're really nice, I'll consider it


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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,262member
    Hey, if you have 2 of everything just post them as doubles. Don't start 2 threads!!

    I'll close up your double...

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