Apple's iPhone leads in JD Power satisfaction survey of US carrier customers

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In terms of customer satisfaction Apple is the most popular smartphone brand among U.S. carrier subscribers, according to two new J.D. Power studies, though that position isn't absolute.

Among so-called "full-service" carriers, Apple scored highest with T-Mobile and Verizon users, J.D. Power said on Thursday. Samsung ranked the highest with AT&T and Sprint customers, despite AT&T being the world's first iPhone carrier.

Looking at non-contract carriers like Boost, Cricket, Virgin, and MetroPCS -- typically owned by the full-service networks -- Apple claimed the top spot with a score of 811. Microsoft (796), Samsung (790), and LG (782) rounded out some of the top brands.

Full-service carriers typically generate more satisfaction, J.D. Power noted, in large part because customers are more likely to have the latest and most expensive phones, with things like faster processors and better cameras. Indeed while 31 percent of full-service subscribers picked features as their reason for buying a device, 51 percent of non-contract customers cited price.

Both studies polled people on factors like performance, features, ease of operation, battery life, and design. For full-service carriers, though, 12,248 people were surveyed between March and August, while the non-contract study involved 2,762 people over a much longer timespan, between Sept. 2015 and this August.


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    lkrupplkrupp Posts: 10,557member
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    MacProMacPro Posts: 19,665member
    lkrupp said:
    Both owners, Bill and Paul gave them high scores. ;)

    That said, in all seriousness, it is a pretty low bar for Apple to get over for a win really, not exploding and so on ...  
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    wingnutwingnut Posts: 197member
    If you mean Paul Thurrott, he's not a Windows Phone/Mobile fan at all anymore. He has been a one its biggest detractors for months. 

    Still, it doesn't make much sense that Microsoft with its limited market share and product selection could end up sampling so well. I was once a big fan of the platform, but, like most WP8/10 users, have since moved on. WP8.1 was quite good if you could get past the poor app selection. W10M has some high points, but it was buggy for far too long and the app and phone selection is only getting worse. 
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