Bluetooth issues with iPhone 7 and 7plus

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i can't get my iPhone 7plus to pair with my 2013 GMC Acadia. At first the phone wouldn't pair with anything but after a trip to Apple and some resetting of sorts, we were able to pair my Beats. However after going out to my vehicle, it still says "pairing unsuccessful". Hubby has an iPhone 6 and it pairs just fine to my car. My brother in law has a 7 so I tried his on my car and got the same unsuccessful message. I stopped at the dealership and they said there is nothing wrong with my car and it has to be with the phone. Amy suggestions?  I have erased all prior devices on my car already as well as reset all settings. 


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    I would like answers to this too.  I have 2 cars that it won't pair with.  Surely, now that it's been out a year, there is a fix for this???
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