Intel Adds security to future Processors

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<a href=""; target="_blank">LaGrande Technology is displayed at IDF</a>

[quote] In the latest attempt to protect digital information from viruses and hackers, Intel Corp. will integrate advanced security features into its microprocessors and other hardware.

The security features, announced Monday at the Intel's conference for developers, will be implemented in processors as early as next year, said Paul Otellini, Intel's president and chief operating officer.

Code-named LaGrande Technology, the features will create a "vault" in which data is safely stored and processed. Intel also will secure the pathways within the computer, such as between the vault and the display or keyboard.

"It's a new level of safer computing," Otellini said during a keynote address.



"Safer Computing"

The question in safer for whom?

While I will agree that Hackers and Virus' are potentially dangerous I really see them both as two issues of computing that receive more press than they actually should.

1. I've had small Viri but nothing big enough to lose data.

2. I've never been Hacked to where I've lost anything of monetary value.

So I have to ask myself. "Why would a Processor Vendor add security features to their processor under the guise of Safer Computing?"

Control :

This is really quite amusing. Every company out there seems to want to control the flow of data to their liking. Whether it's Microsoft's proposed plans for additional "Security" and now Intels plan. Where does the consumer fit into this. There seems to be know way to control the very machine you paid YOUR hard earned money with.

It'll be interesting to see with so many Security features if the overlap will cause problems with OS enabled Security features. We all know Spyware is huge. Will these prevent spyware? Will they prevent Trojans.

Is it ethical for your Processor Provider to add Security features that cannot be disabled? After all YOU choose whether you want to use the secure features of a seatbelt in your vehicle.

I've never seen a Hacker that could hack into a computer with no Internet connection.

I've never seen a Virus that can infect a computer that hasn't downloaded anything.

Consumers can decide what is important to them regarding Security Levels. All I need from Intel is a Processor that quicky process code from my apps. All I need from Microsoft is an OS that let's me manage the many different apps and documents and files that I encounter daily.

If you want to create a Trusted Computing Platform by all means do so. But let ME decided on that system. Automatically shoving it down my throat with no choice is rephrehensible.


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    Microsoft has a different name for something similar.

    <a href=""; target="_blank">Click Here</a>
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    Anyone remember when one of the pentium class procs were released with a unique identifier? Privacy people went crazy and intel disabled it by default, but it was still there. I can't remember which proc it was. Maybe the PII. I wonder if the same thing will happen with this.
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    [quote]Originally posted by torifile:

    <strong>Anyone remember when one of the pentium class procs were released with a unique identifier?</strong><hr></blockquote>Pentium III. Yes, it was disabled by default on most systems.

    I think the Pentium IV may also have a serial number.
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    actually, funny thing about the PIII ID. it was supposed to be disabled by default, but it turns out that it could be <a href="http://"; target="_blank">turned on remotely</a>. and of course creative people came up with even more use to <a href="http://"; target="_blank">use that info </a>against you.

    great stuff. keep them ID chips coming intel.

    moto may suck, but at least they don't spy on my ass.
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    I think there is a battle brewing over consumer rights and privacy.

    I get the feeling that the Entertainment Industry looks at the typical consumer like either a criminal or their food. I don't have a problem with this but I do have a problem with companies like Intel and Microsoft going out of their way to appease and further this industries cause.

    As much as Convergence sounds like a dream. I myself no interested in a Computer as my focal point for entertainment.

    Once you see HDTV on a large screen you will never look at teh crappy mpegs on your computer or the standard NTSC(Never The Same Color) signal on your TV the same again.

    What consumers want is a reduction of the 6 remotes they have lying in the Coffee Table. They want easy hookup of A/V devices. They want to be able to Timeshift so that they can get their lives back in order and on THEIR schedule.

    Intel adding LaGrande is not going to accomplish that.

    MS coming up with Media Center PC's is not going to accomplish that.

    Consumers Crave simplicity...what I'm seeing here is another layer of confusion added by Wintel.
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