3.5mm headphone jack on new MacBook Pros

in Current Mac Hardware
In all the announcement hoopla I missed that the new laptops still have a 3.5mm jack. With Apple removing it from the iPhone, I'm surprised they didn't put a Lightning connector there instead - all the iPhone Lightning adapters immediately become useful on two devices.

But what's in this jack? The tech specs say:
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack
Is it a three conductor plug with mic support? Does it support digital in and out? No telling from reading the "tech specs" page.

The page for the 2015 models says:
"3.5 mm headphone jack
  1. Support for Apple iPhone headset with remote and microphone
  2. Support for audio line out (digital/analog)"
So are we to assume mic, remote, and digital I/O has been removed from the new machines?

Even if the 3.5mm jack on the new machines is the same as the old machines, I'm disappointed Apple didn't bother to put the same tech specs on tech specs page.

These new machines not only disappoint, but Apple continues to disappoint.
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