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i was so looking forward to my new iPhone 7 got the new black waited a week, it turned up sweet. SIM card in phone charged sign into apple account, then it was nothing but disappointed from then on with phone calls dropping in and out all the time, go to Apple Store ROBINA ( Australia ) I sat there for 30mins they told me it was my SIM card, I then told them that same SIM card was in the iPhone 6s 2 days ago with no call problems what so ever So i go to Telstra get a new SIM card, (for shits and giggles) the very next phone call ( call failed ) rang apple they couldn't here me beacause my call was dropping in and out, I was then asked if I could call off another phone, like really I just spent $1000 bucks and apple want me to call them off another phone ( GFYS), I took that phone back they gave me a new 1. ( BOOM ) same thing. Not very happy apple I have latest iPad, latest mac book air, I watch and this 2nd iPhone 7 ( with in a week ). I am very very disappointed and I am loosing work on the phone because people can't here me. We're do I go from here.


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    Wow, that's disappointing. I'm not sure how Apple could have handled it better - I mean, if your phone is defective, I don't see how support would have any chance of helping you without first suggesting you call them from one that works. I'd try to find another person with a 7 and check my SIM card in their phone.
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