Color fringes around text on an LCD

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Recently I've been noticing that on my 14" 1024x768 LCD screen, there have been little red and blue fringes on some text, most noticeable on black text with a white background. This includes material on web pages and in OS X, like menubar names. Any idea what's causing this?

I did hear somewhere about sub-pixel antialiasing, where a single red, green or blue element of a pixel is used individually to smooth text at a sub-pixel level. Could this be what's causing it? I have antialiasing turned on right now and set to "Best for LCDs" (I use Jaguar). I didn't notice it earlier.


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    russsrusss Posts: 115member
    Heh. You answered your own question

    If you can't stand it like that, setting aintialiasing to Standard will eliminate the fringing but of course the antialiasing will be less pronounced.

    I'm using an LCD too and I still haven't decided what setting I can live with.
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    Yes, this is sub-pixel antialiasing.

    Yes, this is new with Jaguar.

    Don't like it?

    Switch to "standard" altialiasing.

    Simple as that.
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