Verizon debuts 5GB and 10GB prepaid data plans

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On Monday, U.S. wireless carrier Verizon introduced two more plans for its prepaid smartphone customers, supplementing three existing options.

The new 5-gigabyte plan costs $50 per month, while 10 gigabytes is $70. The older options include 3 gigabytes for $45, 6 gigabytes for $60, or a Wi-Fi-only connection for $30.

Both of the new tiers offer unlimited talking and texting in the U.S., plus perks like LTE tethering, Carryover Data, and Always-On Data. Carryover means that unused data will roll over for one month, while Always-On just means that Verizon will throttle speeds to 128 kilobits if a person hits their data cap, instead of charging extra.

The 10 gigabyte plan, notably, is the only one of the two with unlimited calling to Canada and Mexico.

To sign up, eligible customers must agree to turn on automatic payments by default.


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    dougddougd Posts: 290member
    The Verizon page doesn't show a 10 GB option
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    jd_in_sbjd_in_sb Posts: 1,496member
    I thought monthly billing was called "post paid" 
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    SoliSoli Posts: 9,387member
    dougd said:
    The Verizon page doesn't show a 10 GB option
    Go to Data Device Plan.
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    mpantonempantone Posts: 1,433member
    jd_in_sb said:
    I thought monthly billing was called "post paid" 
    Not necessarily. It depends on the terms of the agreement. For some things, you are paying ahead for services to be used. For other things, you are paying after the fact, for services used.

    For example, you pay for health, auto or fire insurance ahead. But for medical charges, you pay after the fact, for services/products used. There are other examples. Bring your  wash to a laundromat and you prepay (stick quarters in a machine). Drop off your shirts at a dry cleaner: you pay when you pick up the cleaned items. Buying a candy bar from a vending machine: prepay. Have a meal at a nice sit-down restaurant: post-paid.

    Most Americans sign cellular contracts stating that they will pay for services rendered. That means if you don't pay your bill, they can send your account to collections, because you didn't pay for what you used.

    For prepaid cellular customers, you are paying in advance for what you are going to use. No payment  = no service are the terms of the agreement. So what are some of the benefits of prepaid cellular service? No contract, no early termination fees, no credit check. I have great credit myself, but I have no interest in signing a long-term contract with a cellular provider. If I walk away from my current cellular provider, I don't get any refund for a partially used service period.

    The fact that it's a recurring monthly payment is irrelevant to the definition of prepaid or postpaid. For this specific promotion, Veritzon requires automatic payment, but that's not a big deal for many. People still need cellular service, we're going to pay anyhow (disclaimer: I am not a Verizon customer).
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    jd_in_sbjd_in_sb Posts: 1,496member
    Thanks for the explanation!
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    dougd said:
    The Verizon page doesn't show a 10 GB option
    Not available until November 13th.
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    I had my kid on Verizon's 3GB for $45 plan for almost a year. Then found out that Total Wireless - a Verizon MVNO through Walmart - had a 5GB plan for $35/mo using the same Verizon network. So I switched (even using BYOP) and have had absolutely no issues. If you're trying to save a few $, I'd recommend checking it out.  

    (originally had erroneously said it was Straight Talk before I realized I was channeling an ad I heard on the radio. Sorry for any confusion!)
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    GeorgeBMacGeorgeBMac Posts: 5,295member

    Verizon will sell you a WiFi only plan for $30?

    ...  I wonder how much they charge for the Brooklyn Bridge?

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