I Think this could be a good idea for Apple ..

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Taken from ZD Net:

<a href="http://www.zdnet.com/anchordesk/stories/story/0,10738,2876696,00.html"; target="_blank">http://www.zdnet.com/anchordesk/stories/story/0,10738,2876696,00.html</a>;

A different switch campaign altogether. It would seem that if Apple made their switch to an Intel based processors, allowing both OSX and (oh no -so what) Windows to run on the same box, more people would buy Apple. And after they compared the two OS's, (because now they can without fear)the better OS would prevail (OSX). Read the article .. what do you guys think?


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    Nope. As it has been rehashed over and over:

    Apple is a Hardware Company with an awesome OS They would still charge more for their boxes than the competitors and if any old x86 box could run MacOS X, their revenues would drop to a point where Apple couldn't survive.
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    It didn't work for BeOS. Although they didn't have the apps that Apple has if Apple moved to X86 one could say Apple wouldn't have as many Apps.

    It was tough as nails to get the major app developers like Adobe, Macromedia(still waiting for Quark) and other to come to OSX and that only required porting to Carbon and not rewriting the os.

    This is one of those things where we all sit back and dream because it COULD happen..but that doesn't mean it should.
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    This comes up every other week.

    Even if this did happen, all the current apps on OSX would have to ported to X86. This is after a major move to OSX.
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    Who cares. You will buy what every they sell, just wait around to do it.
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