Mac Hermitism

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Anyone ever have the sudden urge to become a Mac hermit? You know, ditch all your stuff and just get an old Mac running system 6 or 7.1.

I recently had an inkling for a IIfx... a souped up one with a Radius graphics card, big monitor (maybe even a Radius pivot!), lots of RAM, multiple HDs, and most other things that would have been part of a really expensive pro setup from 11-12 years ago. That or a Quadra 840av. Both have their appeal because they were, at the time, the most powerful Macs ever made, and both cost upwards of $8000 when new.

Until I get something like that, I did trade some old Mac parts for an LC III+ and 12" color monitor, so I can get warmed up on that.


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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    I hear that. I had an 840av. WOW. My IIsi, my first 'puter, I pimped out so bad, the box is so crammed it may burst open someday.

    Always wanted a IIfx. I'd rip that name plate off and stick it to my Corvette (I'll have one someday dammit! ) Also, the 840av plate, Apple II Plus plate, Mac TV plate, and Color Classic. I only need a MacTV to complete my motley little collection. That was so cool how all Macs had a name plate for their model number, I liked collecting exotic ones. These days models aren't so easily differentiated. In a way, Apple has gotten more BORING. Why'd they take out the Happy Mac for example!? Why oh why Steve did you take our Dogcow and Happy Mac?
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