Heh.. [H]ardOCP has opened a 'MAC' forum.

in General Discussion edited January 2014
Yes, it's a MAC forum, not a Mac forum, but [H]ard such a PC bigot site that maybe they can be forgiven that. Or not..

Anyway, it's a very interesting sign. First, there was ArsTechnica, which went from being a hardcore anti-Apple site (and AI's arch nemesis) to being a very well balanced one. Now [H]ardOCP, the stronghold of stinky pubescent Windroid gamerz, has opened a Mac forum. Apple is gaining relevance once again, and even the MAC h4t3rz are tacitly admitting it.

Of course, nothing is perfect:

The Admin is currently telling people who complain about the MAC/Apple title to go stuff it.

I guess some things don't change so fast.



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