WWCRPQ - or - Why is it always Real

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Why does every site you visit, stream video/audio using RealOnePlayer, or worse, Windows media player? Which, in comparison to quicktime's MPEG4 are basically rubbish.

QuickTime's free isn't it?! and available to anyone, AND the streaming server software is free as well! So Why? it's used for downloadable movies.

I suggest we try to bring peoples' attention to this maybe I should set up the "WebWide Capaign for the Reconition of the Power of Quicktime."



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    Real jumped into Streaming and got radio stations and such on board early. That locked up a big part of their market right there. WMP is big now and slowly eroding Real's market because it's Microsoft, and as we all know, you can't go wrong with Microsoft. Quicktime got into the streaming market segment late and had an OK but obviously inferior streaming ability compared to WMP and especially Real. MPeg4 changes that as far as I can tell. It seems superior to anything else out there for streaming if the keynotes are any indication. But it's fighting an uphill battle at least until Real gets on the bandwagon more, and even then it doesn't look like Microsoft is going to get on board unless it seriously challenges WMP's market growth.
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