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9/22 5:50 - 9/23 12:15

[quote] 5:50 PM

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6:00 PM

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randysimpson@mac.com: whats up people

randysimpson@mac.com: Bears lost today

randysimpson@mac.com: but Notre dame won yesterday

6:15 PM

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br1an1r1sh: Hello

spartiansoldier: hey

br1an1r1sh: How's it going?

6:30 PM

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6:35 PM

sjpsu: whatup

br1an1r1sh: nothing just screwing around with launchbar

sjpsu: you have no life

sjpsu: "nothing just screwin around with Christina/Mary/SuperHotChick that you didn't get the name yet* sounds better

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6:40 PM

sjpsu: what up

6:50 PM

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randysimpson@mac.com: hey people, I'm back, and all clean now

mycroft@mac.com: clean?

randysimpson@mac.com: showered

randysimpson@mac.com: fresh as a daisy

mycroft@mac.com: whoa you showered?

6:55 PM

mycroft@mac.com: why would osmeone wanna do that during the week?

randysimpson@mac.com: its the weekend

mycroft@mac.com: lol

randysimpson@mac.com: waited 6 days for it

mycroft@mac.com: waited 6 days for the weekend to shower?

randysimpson@mac.com: yup....jk

spotcatbug: showered just for iChat?

spotcatbug: thanks

randysimpson@mac.com: and now ...it's time to TENDERIZE

randysimpson@mac.com: where do I get a driver for my scanner?

mycroft@mac.com: the manufacturer's website

randysimpson@mac.com: I hate to boot into 9

7:00 PM

randysimpson@mac.com: damn...not available till october

mycroft@mac.com: hey, its later september

mycroft@mac.com: not thaaaat ong

mycroft@mac.com: long

randysimpson@mac.com: right

mycroft@mac.com: but yeah, bottin into clasic sucks

randysimpson@mac.com: so true

mycroft@mac.com: i dont even have classic on the machine im on now

mycroft@mac.com: my imac

mycroft@mac.com: on the family G3 though we still do

randysimpson@mac.com: why not

mycroft@mac.com: because i never use classic

randysimpson@mac.com: ok

7:05 PM

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supermacg9: shit

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outoftheblue101@mac.com: hiya

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spartiansoldier: damn

spartiansoldier: classic launches fast as hell even on my 233MHz imac

spartiansoldier: 27 secs

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7:10 PM

sjpsu: whatchu suckas up to?

7:15 PM

supermacg9: shit

supermacg9: shit

mycroft@mac.com: im lookin at my pracitce midterm

supermacg9: shit!!

mycroft@mac.com: i have one on friday

sjpsu: you have midterms alrday?

mycroft@mac.com: whats wrong TW?

sjpsu: mine aren't for a month

mycroft@mac.com: scary isnt it!

supermacg9: crikey....i start class on wednesday

supermacg9: lol

mycroft@mac.com: Sept 27 is my first

mycroft@mac.com: i have 3 midterms for math

mycroft@mac.com: and a final

sjpsu: wow

7:20 PM

sjpsu: i avoided math like a plague

supermacg9: i was eating in the cafeteria when my girl IMed me on here...and i havent talked to her in ages

mycroft@mac.com: lol

supermacg9: dude, im not takin math

mycroft@mac.com: hehe

supermacg9: im takin a computer class that counts for it

supermacg9: **** math

mycroft@mac.com: your so lucy

mycroft@mac.com: lucky

supermacg9: so i better not have to take any math

supermacg9: christ, it was cold walking back to my dorm

supermacg9: oh well, i picked up a chick that way

sjpsu: tw enough about dame stefani

sjpsu: e

supermacg9: j/k

sjpsu: good

supermacg9: ok...gotta have a long talk...

mycroft@mac.com: uhhuh

mycroft@mac.com: gl w/ur gf

spartiansoldier: lol

7:25 PM

mycroft@mac.com: im so tierd

mycroft@mac.com: need anap

mycroft@mac.com: even though i got 10 hours sleep lol

spartiansoldier: heh

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spartiansoldier: um

spartiansoldier: my balls itch hows that

mycroft@mac.com: um

mycroft@mac.com: yea

mycroft@mac.com: i really needed to know that

spartiansoldier: lmao

supermacg9: dude

supermacg9: some ****ers were screaming through the halls at like 4 am

supermacg9: drunk probably

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supermacg9: that shit kept me awake

cornerj4: sjpsu!

cornerj4: You left before I got pics on the other night!

mycroft@mac.com: you should go kick there @$$'s then

cornerj4: May I present to you, my Litespeed....

mycroft@mac.com: hi egg noddle

cornerj4: <a href="http://www.beomaster.com/Images/litespeed.jpg"; target="_blank">http://www.beomaster.com/Images/litespeed.jpg</a>;

cornerj4: wurd

cornerj4: lo mycroft

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7:30 PM

cornerj4: man, that's a conversation killer...

supermacg9: piss those white boys off!

supermacg9: YEAH!

cornerj4: white people suck

supermacg9: i agree

cornerj4: They have no soul

cornerj4: no rhythm

supermacg9: some fools play metal a couple rooms down from me

supermacg9: so i am BUSTING my rap

supermacg9: and it isnt shit that white kids would like

supermacg9: its REAL HIP HOP

cornerj4: wurd

supermacg9: nice card btw M3D

cornerj4: card?

cornerj4: oh

cornerj4: heh

cornerj4: right

supermacg9: lol

cornerj4: live long and prosper, tiger

mycroft@mac.com: why are you a large egg noddle?

supermacg9: word

7:35 PM

cornerj4: I happen rather to like egg noodles.

mycroft@mac.com: wtf is an egg noddle

cornerj4: it's a noodle

cornerj4: like the kind in lo mein

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supermacg9: someone is bustin some rap now lol

supermacg9: wtf is this shit!

cornerj4: wird

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xidius@mac.com: *yawn*

supermacg9: top down chrome spinnin you see the false somethin im lovin these damn women

xidius@mac.com: Hi Ever'body.

supermacg9: hey

xidius@mac.com: "Hi dr. Nick"


cornerj4: werd

xidius@mac.com: (simpsons reference)


xidius@mac.com: I got laid last night.. ahhh, i feel so good right now...

7:40 PM

supermacg9: oook

xidius@mac.com: Something I wouldnt expect you to relate to, tw.

supermacg9: youre right

xidius@mac.com: One day.. perhaps you will

supermacg9: no

xidius@mac.com: Or not

7:45 PM

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randysimpson@mac.com: hi peeps

randysimpson@mac.com: had to boot to 9 to use the scanner

randysimpson@mac.com: bummer

xidius@mac.com: Hi

randysimpson@mac.com: hey X

xidius@mac.com: brb

7:55 PM

sjpsu: xidius is aman

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sjpsu: haha

sjpsu: what up fellas

randysimpson@mac.com: whats up

randysimpson@mac.com: Im messing with some pics

cornerj4: sjpsu!

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xidius@mac.com: *still in 'brb' mode*

sjpsu: what's up corner

cornerj4: <a href="http://www.beomaster.com/Images/litespeed.jpg"; target="_blank">http://www.beomaster.com/Images/litespeed.jpg</a>;

cornerj4: That's my litespeed

sjpsu: i was just going to ask

8:00 PM

supermacg9: I ****ING HATE LIFE

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cornerj4: tiger is full of drama

sjpsu: wow. sweet. where have you taken it?

cornerj4: I've only ridden it around Boston. Usually out to Concord

sjpsu: Is it comfortable for longer rides?

cornerj4: surprisingly so

cornerj4: it's stiff for titanium, but that's because it is 6/4 titanium

sjpsu: wow. looks unforgiving.

cornerj4: if you're used to riding in a TT position, it's fairly comfortable

spartiansoldier: wow xidius i can finally see your buddy icon

sjpsu: lol. My dad's Trek.. damn can;t think of the name but it's carbon and alum frame... is more suited for touring

sjpsu: I prefer mountain biking in the Poconos here in Northeast PA. Cannondale F-500

cornerj4: I don't mine the litespeed for long rides... it's just a pain riding it in traffic... so it takes a quick 10 - 12 mile rid eto get out onto more open roads where I can fall into an aero position

cornerj4: er, mine = mind

8:05 PM

cornerj4: I need to order a new wheelset for my GT, then I'll ride it more often

cornerj4: it's 3/4 titanium, so it's a much smoother ride

sjpsu: what's wrong with the current set?

cornerj4: The bike was crashed into a guard rail at about 30mph

cornerj4: rear wheel shattered

cornerj4: <a href="http://www.beomaster.com/Images/crashed.jpg"; target="_blank">http://www.beomaster.com/Images/crashed.jpg</a>;

sjpsu: you're lucky you didn't damage the frame

cornerj4: yeah, well, the rear wheel slammed into a post

cornerj4: that's why it shattered

sjpsu: how did you survive the ordeal

cornerj4: so the rear wheel absorbed the impact and spared the frame

cornerj4: I slid for a good 20 feet on the asphalt before impact

sjpsu: clipped in?

cornerj4: heh, I survived it by knowing how to properly crash a bike There was a guy who witnessed it that said I crashed rather gracefully, for what it was worth

cornerj4: yeah, I ride Look pedals

cornerj4: There was this hairpin turn

cornerj4: and it was on a downhill

cornerj4: and it snuck up on me

cornerj4: so I started the turn at about 30mph according to my cycling computer

cornerj4: and realized I couldn't make it

cornerj4: so I laid the bike down on top of me

cornerj4: and slid it into the guard rail

cornerj4: cut up the entire left side of my leg pretty bad

sjpsu: how bad

cornerj4: Well, I shave, so it wasn't too too bad

cornerj4: went to the ER, they spent about an hour cleaning it out

cornerj4: gave me a Vicodin prescription

sjpsu: shit

sjpsu: painkiller?

cornerj4: the nerves are still growing back, and this happened almost 8 weeks ago

cornerj4: it could have been worse, wasn't my worst crash

sjpsu: oh i assumed it happened longer ago

cornerj4: I'm just happy the bike is OK

8:10 PM

sjpsu: what was your worst crash?

cornerj4: got hit head on by a car

cornerj4: and the driver drove off

cornerj4: was never caught

randysimpson@mac.com: hate that

cornerj4: from my shins up to a few inches above my knees

cornerj4: lost most of the skin

randysimpson@mac.com: street pizza

cornerj4: took three months for it to grow back all the way

cornerj4: and the doctors thought they might have to graft

sjpsu: Any muscle damage?

cornerj4: nope

cornerj4: I tore a muscle in my shoulder

cornerj4: and broke a couple of fingers

cornerj4: had to get a wheelchair for the first week after, then I was on crutches, then a cane for the remainder of the time

cornerj4: it really sucked

sjpsu: That sucks how he was never caught... didn't they have paint samples to go along witha vehicle description

cornerj4: someone got the license plate

cornerj4: but the car the tag was registered to didn't match the description

cornerj4: and it was a woman that hit me, I remember seeing her as I flew over her windshield

sjpsu: I am just absorbing this right now

randysimpson@mac.com: I got hit by a woman on a motorcycle when ridin my bike once

cornerj4: usually motorcyclists are watching our for cyclists... how'd that happen?

randysimpson@mac.com: long time ago...but she hit mee good

cornerj4: sjpsu: That crash was a good five years ago

randysimpson@mac.com: I was 10 ...so 28 years ago

8:15 PM

cornerj4: damn

sjpsu: My worst crashes only involved broken arms. Hairline fracture in the right arm the first time and in the left the second time

cornerj4: I had a jeep cherokee hit me on my left side while I was going through an intersection... back in 1998

cornerj4: the grill from the jeep actually tore out a chunk of my shin

cornerj4: and left an impression of itself in the wound

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cornerj4: I still have the scar

randysimpson@mac.com: i ahd some close calls since then but have been lucky so far

cornerj4: I tend to get hit about once every two to three years... on average

cornerj4: sjpsu: I'm surprised you haven't broken a collarbone

cornerj4: those are fun

sjpsu: I was being stupid in my new C'dale with clipless pedals and couldn';t bail out of a technical section of the trail.. you kknow exposed roots and rocks.. and just fell down awkardly on my arm

cornerj4: you weren't going fast enough then

sjpsu: that was a ****ing long walk to the ****ing road *still angry*

randysimpson@mac.com: i raced sport class MTB for a few years in the 90's

sjpsu: yeah i didn't know I was 15

cornerj4: I used to race Expery Downhill/TT/XC

cornerj4: er, expert

cornerj4: NORBA Southeast region

randysimpson@mac.com: wow..must be good

cornerj4: I *was*

cornerj4: heh

cornerj4: I couldn't do that anymore

sjpsu: what class

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cornerj4: I went mountain biking two weekends ago

cornerj4: I was actually scared on parts of the trail

cornerj4: I also hadn't ridden my mountain bike in about four years up until then

cornerj4: I raced off-road from about 1994 - 1998

sjpsu: Hell yeah.. descending trails on a mountain bike is a lot different... some of my friends have BALLS let me tell you

cornerj4: in '96-97 i was ranked #1 in Downhill in my class and region

sjpsu: what class was that

cornerj4: Expert

8:20 PM

cornerj4: but really, in the southeast.... downhill courses are a joke compared to, oh, California or the Northeast

sjpsu: really? do you get mountain bike magazine or bicycling

cornerj4: used to get Mountain Bike back then

cornerj4: I got a road bike in 1997 for training

cornerj4: and gradually stopped riding off-road

sjpsu: Zap's a real character.

cornerj4: left for college, ran otu of time for racing, just never got back into it

sjpsu: ha.. i find it funny you have a warning sticker on your rear triangle..

cornerj4: The trails around Boston kind of suck. They're all rocky

sjpsu: technical shit?

cornerj4: I was going down descents two weekends ago and seriously didn't think the bike would stay upright. I mean, there was so muc gravel on the trail that your tires had no traction

sjpsu: I'm neither talented nor strong enough to cleanly ride thouse

sjpsu: those

cornerj4: I haven't been used to have the shit kicked out of me while on a bike

cornerj4: I was sore the next two days

cornerj4: heh

cornerj4: it hurt!

cornerj4: it made me really want a full suspension dealie

cornerj4: I used to be pretty ballsy, but I think I've gotten soft riding on road

8:25 PM

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br1an1r1sh: HOLY BLEEEP we got a ton of people in here

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sjpsu: what model are you looking at

8:30 PM

cornerj4: eh

sjpsu: i've always been a cdale/trek fan

cornerj4: I was always a GT person, but since they went out of business, I'm not sure what to do

sjpsu: lol didn

sjpsu: 't someone buy them?

sjpsu: like huffy

cornerj4: someone bought them, but GT still folded and are no more

cornerj4: I like Serotta for steel frames

cornerj4: Litespeed for Titanium. I mean, hands down, they're the best.

sjpsu: lol yes

sjpsu: Carbon fiber.. OCLV all the way

cornerj4: heh

cornerj4: I think if I were to buy another mountain bike, it would either be a Litespeed or some full suspension design

cornerj4: I'd be hard pressed to NOT buy a Titanium bike next time 'roudn

cornerj4: hopefully, I won't have to buy a new bike for a while

sjpsu: I don't have that kind of budget...

sjpsu: i mean i'm stretching with this PowerBook

cornerj4: It all depends on where you put your money. I could take a picture of my fridge currently...

cornerj4: it's filled with condiments

cornerj4: and a pint of guiness

sjpsu: Oh that's discipline man

8:35 PM

cornerj4: the litespeed set me back, I somehow have to find money for rent next month

cornerj4: dunno how that is going to work out

cornerj4: it'll be 3 weeks before I get paid again

cornerj4: bbiaf, phone call

8:40 PM

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sjpsu: what up people (i mean those who don;t lie about their sex)

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randysimpson@mac.com: hmmm, got quiet in here

sjpsu: that's xidius' fault


randysimpson@mac.com: what'd she do

sjpsu: too late on the ""

randysimpson@mac.com: ok

sjpsu: ok

sjpsu: *\\o/* Go Xidius! She's a man. If she can;t prove it, no one can!

randysimpson@mac.com: shes a girl

sjpsu: dude, she's a dude

randysimpson@mac.com: right.....

sjpsu: daydream believer.. just wake up and smell the man

8:45 PM

randysimpson@mac.com: I'll brb

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8:50 PM

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8:55 PM

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kecksy@mac.com: wow

kecksy@mac.com: full

9:00 PM

kecksy@mac.com: hey, I got to try one of the new 1.25GHz PowerMacs

sjpsu: cool

kecksy@mac.com: FAST

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jrw227: what is a gun doing in your trowsers, jack

sjpsu: he's away

kecksy@mac.com: Don't see how people can complain about the speed

sjpsu: what are you doin lookin in his trousers, jon?

kecksy@mac.com: they must be complaining about the speed of their old machine

jrw227: i'm just wondering why there's a gun in his ****ing trowsers

jrw227: that's all

sjpsu: i'm sure you're pretty familar with that "gun" eh?

kecksy@mac.com: iKill?

sjpsu: who's iKill?

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kecksy@mac.com: Apple branded gun

sjpsu: lol

sjpsu: where'd he go

kecksy@mac.com: jerk

sjpsu: who

kecksy@mac.com: jj

sjpsu: lol he's just tempermental. good no nonsense admin though

kecksy@mac.com: i guess

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9:05 PM

kecksy@mac.com: well you people are chatty this evening

kecksy@mac.com: to lazy to log out of iChat when you leave, huh

kecksy@mac.com: oh well, I'll just continue looking for an error in a program

kecksy@mac.com: I HATE CARBON!!! Only slightly better than VC++

kecksy@mac.com: i need to learn Cocoa

9:10 PM

xidius@mac.com: cocoa is easy to program in, but it is SOOO SLOWWW

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sjpsu: shut up

sjpsu: man

xidius@mac.com: Suck my dick.

sjpsu: ugh

sjpsu: at least you're being honest

xidius@mac.com: Yeah, the sarcastic sort of honesty

sjpsu: bitch

xidius@mac.com: Now that I will fess up to.

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sjpsu: what up jon

jrw227: ****ing a, sean patrick joyce, lay off xidius, she's not 68K


sjpsu: lol are you serious man&gt;

jrw227: yeah, i am

jrw227: i was mistaken

jrw227: it's a wierd situation, but it's not the same person

jrw227: as far as i can tell

sjpsu: so she's a fe-male?.... hmm... hey there xid

xidius@mac.com: jeezus.. im not sure which i would prefer.. him thinking of me as a guy or a girl... yeesh

sjpsu: lol

sjpsu: that's the bitch of a xid i know


xidius@mac.com: "Im a bitch im a lover im a child.."

jrw227: oh boy. anyway

jrw227: i've done my civic duty

xidius@mac.com: Thanks Jon

jrw227: later, all

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sjpsu: so you're a female

xidius@mac.com: brb

9:15 PM

sjpsu: let's see your pic

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sjpsu: what up astro

astromanluca: hey

xidius@mac.com: If i had a pic i would have used it in the first place

sjpsu: so are you hot?

xidius@mac.com: Now i would sound concieted if i said that

astromanluca: lol

sjpsu: no you wouldn't.. how old are you

xidius@mac.com: 20

sjpsu: 19 here

xidius@mac.com: youngin

sjpsu: measurements&gt;

xidius@mac.com: Not telling you

sjpsu: why?

astromanluca: you're starting to sound like a creep sjpsu

xidius@mac.com: your still on my shit-list

xidius@mac.com: He is a creep

astromanluca: lol

sjpsu: shut up female

sjpsu: you just piss me off

sjpsu: i dug her porn star alter-ego

xidius@mac.com: dumb ass, like i havent been telling you im a girl from the beginning

sjpsu: not exactly, miss porn start

sjpsu: star

xidius@mac.com: Actually i found that pic on google image search

xidius@mac.com: liked the way the eyes looked

sjpsu: uh huh

sjpsu: i liked the way the boobs looked

xidius@mac.com: pig

sjpsu: bitch

astromanluca: aren't guys allowed to think that breasts are attractive?

sjpsu: right

xidius@mac.com: internet perversion makes the baby jesus cry

sjpsu: lol!!!!

sjpsu: what a dork

astromanluca: I mean, it's not right to degrade women into objects

xidius@mac.com: lol, jon told me to say that

9:20 PM

sjpsu: indeed. welll um.. haven;t you anything of your own to say besides edible farm animals?

sjpsu: *long pause*

sjpsu: really workin on something over there now&gt;

astromanluca: yeah... um...

sjpsu: so what bands do you guys enjoy

astromanluca: what do you think of all this crap, rest of room?

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astromanluca: corner? psantora? spart?

astromanluca: I like the Beatles

sjpsu: yes, don't we all

astromanluca: and Aerosmith

sjpsu: what's your fav beatles song

astromanluca: I think Elanor Rigby

sjpsu: cool

sjpsu: I like blackbird

astromanluca: that's a good one

sjpsu: My favorites are U2 and Neil Young

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sjpsu: what up randmeister

9:25 PM

sjpsu: xid's a female

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astromanluca: hmm... I'm not a big fan of U2 (except I like Beautiful Day), and I haven't heard of Neil Young

astromanluca: You're pretty good at driving people away

spartiansoldier: hello again...im backish

astromanluca: hi

sjpsu: lol no man- just xidius followers

spartiansoldier: heh

sjpsu: She and I go way back... last week

spartiansoldier: ive decided that i really dont care anymore

sjpsu: about what

spartiansoldier: xidius being a guy/girl

spartiansoldier: sorry about the delay got preoccupied with the tv again

spartiansoldier: anyone in here know anything about model boats?

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sjpsu: what up rando

randysimpson@mac.com: ok...back now

astromanluca: I know my dad had one a while ago, a model yacht

astromanluca: we're done talking about xid

spartiansoldier: need to know where i can buy a good propeller for a 20 inch long V hull

sjpsu: oh yeah finito

randysimpson@mac.com: rando, that is one of my nicknames

sjpsu: senor

sjpsu: cool

randysimpson@mac.com: use to play survival games

randysimpson@mac.com: back in the mid 80's

randysimpson@mac.com: when rambo was big

9:30 PM

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spartiansoldier: okay...

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sjpsu: rambo was gay

spartiansoldier: randy left

sjpsu: damn

spartiansoldier: and yea rambo was pretty gay

sjpsu: lol

spartiansoldier: damn i need a prop for this bitch

spartiansoldier: pretty nice looking design, though i dont think it will be fast enough to take advantage of the sleekness

spartiansoldier: so far ive got all the bulkheads in, battery clip, a place for the speed control & reciever, going to have to put in something for the servo/rudder though

spartiansoldier: waiting to put in a motor mount until i find what size shaft my prop will have...then i can select the appropriate motor

llovato@mac.com has joined this chat.

spartiansoldier: hullo

astromanluca: hi

llovato@mac.com: sup yall

sjpsu: what up lov

9:35 PM

sjpsu: yall man where you from??

sjpsu: city or country?

llovato@mac.com: big city

llovato@mac.com: down south

sjpsu: cool which one

llovato@mac.com: LA

llovato@mac.com: the southern drawl is fake

sjpsu: SDW is a troll

sjpsu: damn troller

astromanluca: SDW&gt;

astromanluca: ?

sjpsu: sdw2001\\

9:40 PM

llovato@mac.com: not on my list

cornerj4 has left this chat.

9:45 PM

llovato@mac.com: anybody running a network over Rendezvous, im having trouble setting mine up

sjpsu: no man

llovato@mac.com: how about it spart?

llovato@mac.com: astroman?

llovato@mac.com: i need some help

astromanluca: I tried using Rendezvous iChat in my home's LAN, but I couldn't see my brother even though he was online

llovato@mac.com: exactly!

spartiansoldier: im not on a lan

llovato@mac.com: i set up the network fine

sjpsu: I was on your mom's lan.. it's smooth let me tell ya

llovato@mac.com: but iChat and Rendezvous doesnt work

astromanluca: Rendezvous seems like a whole lot of vaporware so far

randysimpson@mac.com has joined this chat.

randysimpson@mac.com: hey peeps

sjpsu: yeah hardware must be designed for it right?

llovato@mac.com: que te pasa man

astromanluca: I mean, yeah, you set up your network, but there's none of the iTunes streaming server thing, and no Rendezvous iChat yet

astromanluca: I don't know if there are Rendezvous printers yet

llovato@mac.com: well ITunes & Rendezvous not supposed to be reaedy till 1/03

astromanluca: ah

astromanluca: they demonstrated it though

randysimpson@mac.com: i have redezvous chat and printer

llovato@mac.com: but Ichat should be rendezvousable

astromanluca: hasn't worked for me

randysimpson@mac.com: it works here

randysimpson@mac.com: 1st time

9:50 PM

llovato@mac.com: it was an advanced version of iTunes

llovato@mac.com: randy is your network over airport

astromanluca: a version which I want, right now

randysimpson@mac.com: itunes isnt ready yet

astromanluca: I think I'll look for it

astromanluca: they showed it, no problem

randysimpson@mac.com: wired

randysimpson@mac.com: 3comps

llovato@mac.com: it may be an airport problem

astromanluca: no, wireless with the TiBook, remember?

astromanluca: Phil Schiller had the TiBook in his hand, streaming the music to Steve's computer

astromanluca: Then he closed it, sleeping the TiBook, and it stopped

randysimpson@mac.com: SJ said it was coming in january

astromanluca: cool

astromanluca: Can't wait

llovato@mac.com: but that was & upcoming version, not this one

randysimpson@mac.com: he said it at the end of the demo

astromanluca: ah

astromanluca: I got iSync

llovato@mac.com: but why doesnt my ichat work with Rendezvous?


randysimpson@mac.com: me too

llovato@mac.com: iSync is becuase iCal sucks so hard

randysimpson@mac.com: wish i could afford that sony phone

sjpsu: iCal sucks ass

randysimpson@mac.com: mine works everytime

llovato@mac.com: isync is useless without good iCal

randysimpson@mac.com: ical is nice

astromanluca: it seems fairly complete... but the brushed metal doesn't work right (you can't drag anywhere, it has to be at the top of the window) and the menu bar for iSync doesn't work correctly either

llovato@mac.com: sj, couldnt have said it better myself

llovato@mac.com: iCal is slow as hell

astromanluca: iCal + iSync + PDA or phone or iPod = Good

astromanluca: anything else = bad

astromanluca: oh, I forgot, add "G4" in there too

sjpsu: Palm Desktop kicks iCal's half-ass

randysimpson@mac.com: first version of iphoyo and itunes was slow also

llovato@mac.com: sj, it seems you have alot of pent up feelings..

astromanluca: iPhoto is still slow... but then again, everything is slow on a 233 MHz G3

sjpsu: I do

sjpsu: I really wanted to use iCal

randysimpson@mac.com: tis acceptable on 867QS

llovato@mac.com: tell me again how bad iCal is?

astromanluca: wait, Microsoft Word 5.1 is not slow on a 233 MHz G3

sjpsu: transparent calendars.. ohh man... but we can;t use them with like 7 colors

sjpsu: it sucks ass, man

llovato@mac.com: HA!!!

llovato@mac.com: LMAO!

astromanluca: MS Word 5.1 is fast on a fricking SE/30!

sjpsu: lol

9:55 PM

astromanluca: Yeah, that's right, I think Word 5.1 is probably the best word processing program ever written

astromanluca: OS 9 is fast on a 233 MHz G3

randysimpson@mac.com: word 5 was nice

astromanluca: Word 6 was bad

sjpsu: your mom is fast on my lap...

astromanluca: ?

sjpsu: i never used 6

llovato@mac.com: im sure iCal is useable on the new dualie g4s, but on my iBook 500 it SUCKS BIG TIME ASS

sjpsu: i went from 5.1 to office 98?

astromanluca: ah

astromanluca: Word 6 was extreme bloatware

sjpsu: or 97? whatever the mac version year was

randysimpson@mac.com: i was just reading a thread on AI about itunes hoggin cpu

emanz31 has joined this chat.

astromanluca: Imagine one of the most recent versions of Word, but released for use on early PPCs

randysimpson@mac.com: its in the dock playin, and top says its using 4%

emanz31 has left this chat.

astromanluca: Word v. X is slow on my Wallstreet, but that's somewhat expected

randysimpson@mac.com: i have only IE on my comps

astromanluca: I didn't buy Word v. X

randysimpson@mac.com: and I feel dirty cuz of it

astromanluca: I don't buy any MS software

randysimpson@mac.com: never

sjpsu: i pirate it

astromanluca: There is a legal copy of Word 5.1 on diskettes at my house, and I downloaded Office v. X

randysimpson@mac.com: good man

sjpsu: thanks man

sjpsu: just like i stole your mom last night

astromanluca: And I downloaded Windows Media Player so I could see a SNL celebrity jeopardy movie

randysimpson@mac.com: haha

astromanluca: "I garfunkled your mother!"

sjpsu: I simoned your sister

astromanluca: ?

astromanluca: I don't have a sister

10:00 PM

astromanluca: and Sean Connery didn't say that

randysimpson@mac.com: i do

astromanluca: hehe

sjpsu: simon and garfunkle?

astromanluca: Yeah... it was on celebrity jeopardy

astromanluca: The question is "Of Simon and Garfunkle, this is the one that is not Garfunkle" and Sean Connery said "I garfunkled your mother!"

llovato@mac.com: saw that one

astromanluca: yep

astromanluca: I think it was from the one with Dave Matthews and Bjork

sjpsu: lol

astromanluca: I love those celebrity jeopardy movies

astromanluca: I have ten of them

sjpsu: where are they? link&gt;?

astromanluca: total of over an hour

astromanluca: I don't know where my brother got them from

astromanluca: he gave them to me

sjpsu: ass monkey

astromanluca: but I have a super fast upload, so I could just send them via file transfer

sjpsu: okay

randysimpson@mac.com: i used limewire to down load a bunch of comedy shit today

randysimpson@mac.com: selected COMEDY from the genra and did a search, lots of SNL stuff

randysimpson@mac.com: bob and tom also

sjpsu has left this chat.

astromanluca: that's probably where my brother got that stuff

randysimpson@mac.com: maybe

randysimpson@mac.com: there was hundreds of files

10:05 PM

sjpsu has joined this chat.

sjpsu: what up fellas

10:10 PM

randysimpson@mac.com: you guys ever here "BEERRUN"

randysimpson@mac.com: the song

astromanluca: no

llovato@mac.com: No

randysimpson@mac.com: its just a quick snippet

sjpsu: who;'s the hottest girl alive?&gt;

randysimpson@mac.com: theres a few good verses that go with it

randysimpson@mac.com: hard call there

sjpsu: I'd like to say randy's mom but j/lo just comes to mind

randysimpson@mac.com: my mom was hot in the 60's...hehe

sjpsu: lol that was you&gt;&gt;

astromanluca: I don't know about j lo... she's okay but sometimes she looks weird

astromanluca: Laetitia Casta is very hot

sjpsu: oh yeah man

randysimpson@mac.com: guys like beerrun?

astromanluca: it's kinda funny

sjpsu: Nice naked looking

randysimpson@mac.com: the verses help

llovato@mac.com: dr. demento?

randysimpson@mac.com: bob and tom

llovato@mac.com: weird aL?

llovato@mac.com: oh

randysimpson@mac.com: not sure which comedian tho

randysimpson@mac.com: Tom Snider

astromanluca: <a href="http://www.slonet.org/~rloomis/"; target="_blank">http://www.slonet.org/~rloomis/</a>;

astromanluca: lots of funny sound files here

10:15 PM

randysimpson@mac.com: simpsons rule

randysimpson@mac.com: I am one ya know

astromanluca: yeah

astromanluca: yep

randysimpson@mac.com: that show was based on my childhood

randysimpson@mac.com: i was bart..hehe

llovato@mac.com: doh

astromanluca: lol

astromanluca: if anyone wants me, I'll be in my room

sjpsu: i'd like to **** alicia keys

randysimpson@mac.com: we used to get p[rank call all the time

llovato@mac.com: sj needs a release

sjpsu: hell yeah

randysimpson@mac.com: my parents had their number unpublished

astromanluca: yes... one way to express that you think Alicia Keys is attractive is to say "I think Alicia Keys is attractive"

llovato@mac.com: hello, can I speak to Marge?

randysimpson@mac.com: yup

randysimpson@mac.com: or homer

astromanluca: Of course, your way is more like "I'd like to **** Alicia Keys"

llovato@mac.com: i prefer the direct approach

astromanluca: hehe

randysimpson@mac.com: my dad would play it up sometimes

sjpsu: loli hae to piss.. one more laugh and it's gonna be messy

llovato@mac.com: thats the problem with short urethras

randysimpson@mac.com: white man disease

randysimpson@mac.com: haha

randysimpson@mac.com: hey they caught the lady that was beatin her kid at the store

randysimpson@mac.com: its on the news

llovato@mac.com: no blood, no harm

randysimpson@mac.com: hehe

sjpsu: ahh

sjpsu: ahh

llovato@mac.com: not enough discipline in this world

10:20 PM

sjpsu: whew

sjpsu: that was good

randysimpson@mac.com: but she was beatin the kid badly

llovato@mac.com: wash your hands

randysimpson@mac.com: caught her on tape

llovato@mac.com: beatin is a relative term

randysimpson@mac.com: the tape was bad

llovato@mac.com: but I didnt see the video

astromanluca: did you see that fake ad on SNL about dissing your dog?

randysimpson@mac.com: yup seen it

astromanluca: Training puppies by beating them mercilessly

astromanluca: terrible


astromanluca: but funny

llovato@mac.com: but this was real folks

astromanluca: yeah

llovato@mac.com: i heard she was shakin the kid

astromanluca: so there was just some video of a woman beating her kid?

llovato@mac.com: shakin too right?

sjpsu: that;s weird. no one came and arrested me when I was beatin your mom.. course she liked it..

randysimpson@mac.com: that lady was beatin the shit out of her 4 year olg girl

sjpsu: ugh is the video online

randysimpson@mac.com: on tape

llovato@mac.com: will lose some IQ points for sure...future windows user

randysimpson@mac.com: maybe

randysimpson@mac.com: try wndu.com

randysimpson@mac.com: maybe

randysimpson@mac.com: or wsbt.com

llovato@mac.com: sj did you get beat as a kid? the reason for your aggression&gt;

llovato@mac.com: here comes another mom comment

randysimpson@mac.com: there is the story on wndu.com

sjpsu: lol.. no man your mom taught me that

llovato@mac.com: doh

llovato@mac.com: lol

llovato@mac.com: HA

randysimpson@mac.com: <a href="http://www.wndu.com/news/092002/news_16270.php"; target="_blank">http://www.wndu.com/news/092002/news_16270.php</a>;

astromanluca: you say you're 19, sjpsu, but you don't act like it


10:25 PM

llovato@mac.com: toogood? thats hilarious

sjpsu: well i;m experienced you know...

llovato@mac.com: sj whos picture is that?

sjpsu: my sweet girlfriend

llovato@mac.com: Ah, very nice

sjpsu: thank you

llovato@mac.com: very experienced, and very smart

llovato@mac.com: even for 19

sjpsu: no man mom jokes are just my alternative personality

astromanluca: ah

sjpsu: my online ego

randysimpson@mac.com: <a href="http://www.cnn.com/2002/US/Midwest/09/20/video.child.beating/index.html"; target="_blank">http://www.cnn.com/2002/US/Midwest/09/20/video.child.beating/index.html</a>;

astromanluca: my mom got me a black mock turtleneck today...

10:30 PM

randysimpson@mac.com: well

llovato@mac.com: shes should fry

randysimpson@mac.com: did you see the tape?

llovato@mac.com: no, just saw the still

randysimpson@mac.com: video

randysimpson@mac.com: ok

randysimpson@mac.com: gotta sign up to view it...**** that

randysimpson@mac.com: she was swing hard over and over again and again

llovato@mac.com: what set her off?

randysimpson@mac.com: the video was clear as day

randysimpson@mac.com: I guess the store wouldnt take back her merchandise

llovato@mac.com: bad hair day?

llovato@mac.com: oh

randysimpson@mac.com: so she freaked on the kid

randysimpson@mac.com: they played the video alot here on tv

llovato@mac.com: im sure it happens to that kid ever other day

llovato@mac.com: here?

randysimpson@mac.com: probly

randysimpson@mac.com: south bend

randysimpson@mac.com: here

randysimpson@mac.com: she did it here

llovato@mac.com: south bend wyoming?

randysimpson@mac.com: indiana

llovato@mac.com: is that near Denver?

randysimpson@mac.com: notre dame

randysimpson@mac.com: 80 miles from Chicago

llovato@mac.com: im just messing with you man

llovato@mac.com: Chicago is a way cool town

randysimpson@mac.com: ther eis a denver indiana tho

llovato@mac.com: LOL!

randysimpson@mac.com: there is

llovato@mac.com: i believe it

randysimpson@mac.com: and a mexico

llovato@mac.com: HA!

randysimpson@mac.com: really

astromanluca: there's a Wyoming, Minnesota too

astromanluca: and a Virginia, Minnesota

randysimpson@mac.com: theres an indiana pennsylvania

10:35 PM

llovato@mac.com: theres an indiana jones

randysimpson@mac.com: lol

llovato@mac.com: wheres springfield?

randysimpson@mac.com: in Illinois

astromanluca: yeah

randysimpson@mac.com: and indiana

astromanluca: And many other places

llovato@mac.com: simpsons Sprigfield, did they ever say?

astromanluca: no

astromanluca: But there is a small town very near Springfield, IL called Shelbyville

astromanluca: It's where my grandmother grew up

astromanluca: and they mention a Shelbyville as a neighboring town in the Simpsons

astromanluca: so it may be referring to that

llovato@mac.com: what a shame, beating a kid mercislessly in this day & age in this great country of ours

sjpsu: later guys

sjpsu has left this chat.

randysimpson@mac.com: later

jgerard48 has joined this chat.

randysimpson@mac.com: ever hear "duckjob"?

jgerard48: hi all

jgerard48: it's johnnydangerously

jgerard48: at dad's house

jgerard48: lol

llovato@mac.com: sup

randysimpson@mac.com: hey johny

jgerard48: hey spart, randy, luca, etc.

jgerard48: how in the heck do you join a chat with AIM and not iChat?

jgerard48: I can't figure it out?

jgerard48: omg

10:40 PM

jgerard48: ...?

llovato@mac.com: couldnt join with iChat or what?

jgerard48: no, at Dad's, on a PC (ugh), and can't figure out how to join

jgerard48: had to invite myself (lol) and get declined to enter...

astromanluca: yeah, it's dumb... the only way to get into a buddy chat in AIM is to invite someone as well

jgerard48: omg

llovato@mac.com: so your AIMin on a PC?

jgerard48: dumb alright

jgerard48: yeah

jgerard48: I feel dirty

astromanluca: so I always invite myself, or I invite "lkjttjwe" or some nonsense name

jgerard48: wow

astromanluca: but now I use iChat so I don't have that problem

jgerard48: that's messed up

jgerard48: me2

llovato@mac.com: i cant Chat with one of my PC buddies using AIM for some reason

westonm@mac.com has joined this chat.

llovato@mac.com: sup wes

astromanluca: I don't think they support mac.com profiles

llovato@mac.com: there supposed to

jgerard48: can you add chats to "favorites" or something?

astromanluca: you have to have a regular AIM profile

astromanluca: no, unfortunately, AFAIK

jgerard48: oh

jgerard48: ok thx, be back later from home, thank goodness

jgerard48: cya'll

spartiansoldier: later

jgerard48 has left this chat.

westonm@mac.com: I like OS X

10:45 PM

astromanluca: I would like it more if I didn't have such a freaking slow computer

astromanluca: I really should save my heart some stress and just use OS 9

spartiansoldier: lol

westonm@mac.com: I went from a 333 iMac to a new duel gig

spartiansoldier: im doing fine with a 233.

westonm@mac.com: its nice

astromanluca: OS X is infuriatingly slow in a 233 PowerBook

westonm@mac.com: i can imagine

spartiansoldier: yea i can feel your pain there...even slower than my imac

westonm@mac.com: hee

astromanluca: yep

spartiansoldier: slowest supported mac to run mac os x actually

astromanluca: not quite

astromanluca: there is a cacheless version of mine

astromanluca: so, it's the second slowest

spartiansoldier: hehe

spartiansoldier: yay im not second slowest i guess

llovato@mac.com: 10.2.1 is cool on my dual USB iBook 500, all except slowCal

westonm@mac.com: iCal is even slow for me

llovato@mac.com: iCal is ****ed up

astromanluca: I saw an info sheet for the Wallstreet PowerBooks (first generation, 233/250/292)

llovato@mac.com: i mean iCal does not meet up to my expectations

westonm@mac.com: the germ of the idea is there though

astromanluca: There were MacBench benchmarks

westonm@mac.com: it can only get better

astromanluca: the cacheless 233 was only about 50% faster than a 3400

astromanluca: about half the speed of a 250

spartiansoldier: lol

astromanluca: because the 250 had 1 MB of L2 cache

spartiansoldier: thats kind of sad...

astromanluca: yes

spartiansoldier: yea my imac has 512k

astromanluca: same problem that afflicted the 1400/117

spartiansoldier: and the 250 wasnt a g3 either

astromanluca: yeah it was

spartiansoldier: 3400?

astromanluca: no, the 3400 was 240 MHz

astromanluca: There were two 250 MHz G3 PowerBooks - The Kanga aka 3500, and the G3 Series 250

spartiansoldier: oh wait i read all that wrong lol

fellowship@mac.com has joined this chat.

fellowship@mac.com: G'Day!

10:50 PM

astromanluca: the G3 series 250 was faster because it has twice the L2 cache (1 MB vs. 512k) and a faster bus (83 MHz vs. 66 MHz)

spartiansoldier: more like G'Night! here at least

fellowship@mac.com: indeed

fellowship@mac.com: hehehehehe

astromanluca: but the Kanga still stomped all over the cacheless 233

westonm@mac.com: &lt;first time using ichat&gt; Is there a way to set it so you can see the persons name next to the bubble instead of just an icon?

astromanluca: go to the view menu

westonm@mac.com: then?

astromanluca: choose "show names and pictures"

spartiansoldier: show names

westonm@mac.com: ahh

westonm@mac.com: thx

astromanluca: Apple should make that the default

astromanluca: because it's dumb otherwise

spartiansoldier: unless you are specifically geared for using ichat

spartiansoldier: i dont have a pic of myself so i created this helpful little graphic

spartiansoldier: brb, going to take a shower

fellowship@mac.com: ok

astromanluca: it's always good to scrape the crud off our bodies once in a while

llovato@mac.com: biggest problem with iChat is no buddy groups, my list is getting big

astromanluca: once a month, whether you need it or not!

astromanluca: Yeah, I want subcategories

astromanluca: I keep going between adding everyone here to my buddy list and not doing that

randysimpson@mac.com: gtg...later guys

westonm@mac.com: out of curiosity, do any of you know each other, or does any old person who visits the AI boards just come here?

fellowship@mac.com: take care

randysimpson@mac.com: bye

astromanluca: bye

randysimpson@mac.com has left this chat.

10:55 PM

astromanluca: well, my brother doesn't come here often, and he's not a member of AI, but he's sometimes here

astromanluca: named Emilio

astromanluca: I am on AI and here and LEMchat

westonm@mac.com: so i'm guessing that at least you and your brother know each other

westonm@mac.com: &lt;first time using iChat&gt; Is there a way to take away the bubbles and make the text into a more "standard" view?

llovato@mac.com: you can change the fonts, but bubbles stay

westonm@mac.com: well shoot

llovato@mac.com: bubbles are cool

westonm@mac.com: kinda

westonm@mac.com: but I like options

astromanluca: too bad you can't take away the scrolling thing

westonm@mac.com: ?

westonm@mac.com: scrolling thing?

astromanluca: yeah

astromanluca: when you post, it scrolls down

westonm@mac.com: o

astromanluca: to reveal the new message, instead of instantly going there

astromanluca: that really hogs my CPU, which is again a 233 MHz G3

westonm@mac.com: can't say that i mind it

bklynbums has joined this chat.

11:00 PM

astromanluca: I like it too, but it makes my CPU go to full usage

astromanluca: yeah, it's taking half the CPU just sitting here

westonm@mac.com: test

westonm@mac.com: test

astromanluca: with OmniWeb, iChat, and Mail open, 1/2 of the CPU is being used

westonm@mac.com: doesn't do much to my cpus

astromanluca: that's how slow this thing is

astromanluca: CPUs, plural... envy!

bklynbums has left this chat.

astromanluca: anyway, I'll be there soon too... my dual 500 is due here in about a week

westonm@mac.com: sweet

astromanluca: yep

westonm@mac.com: is iChat supposed to do something when I double click on someones name?

westonm@mac.com: in the left drawer that is

westonm@mac.com: All I get is "so and so is offline"

astromanluca: Radeon, 640 ram, 40 gb hd, SCSI card

astromanluca: i'm excited

westonm@mac.com: thx

astromanluca: it'll be my second really major jump in speed

westonm@mac.com: what was the first?

astromanluca: 8100/100 to PowerBook G3/233

westonm@mac.com: ahh

westonm@mac.com: pretty large hops there

astromanluca: Before that, I went SE/30 to IIcx to Quadra 610 to 7100 to 8100

astromanluca: the IIcx to Quadra was pretty big, as was the Quadra to the 7100

westonm@mac.com: i had an SE 30...

westonm@mac.com: fun little machine

astromanluca: but I wasn't pushing the limits of my processor back then

astromanluca: I just played EV

11:05 PM

astromanluca: EV was fast even on a 16 MHz 68030

westonm@mac.com: I first had EV on a performa 52 15 CD

astromanluca: ooh, crusty!

westonm@mac.com: sÃ*

astromanluca: ever visit low end mac?

westonm@mac.com: can't say that i have

westonm@mac.com: what is it?

astromanluca: website dedicated to older macs

astromanluca: in their "Road Apple" section, the 5200/5300/6200/6300 got the worst rating

westonm@mac.com: nice

westonm@mac.com: or solid

westonm@mac.com: whatever

astromanluca: Road Apples are ones that were not necessarily bad, but poorly executed and not great

westonm@mac.com: where does the performa rank?

astromanluca: Ranging from one star (like the Cube, which was nice but just didn't work out)

westonm@mac.com: still could though

astromanluca: To four star (avoid at all costs, like the 5200/6200

astromanluca: The IIvx is up there, though, getting a three star

westonm@mac.com: ahh the dark years

westonm@mac.com: can't say I miss them

astromanluca: anyway, there are quite a few... IIvx, Classic, 5200/6200, PowerBook 5300, PowerBook 150, to name a few

11:10 PM

astromanluca: They also have a "Best Buys" section

westonm@mac.com: whats in there?

westonm@mac.com: I assume the best models...

astromanluca: Best buys include the SE/30, IIci, LC III, IIfx, Centris 650, PowerMac 7200, PowerMac 7500, Beige G3, PowerBook 540c, and PowerBook 1400

astromanluca: For various reasons

westonm@mac.com: I used to use a beige g3

astromanluca: 7200 isn't very upgradable, but it's very cheap

westonm@mac.com: that thing screamed

astromanluca: Beige G3s are still viable today and can be had for under $300

astromanluca: sometimes under $200

westonm@mac.com: I still like my two processores

westonm@mac.com: another question: How do you send a private message?

westonm@mac.com: because when I double click anyone i just get that "they are offline"

astromanluca: Road Apples... Portable, IIfx, Classic, IIsi, LC, Classic II, LC II, Color Classic, IIvx, Mac TV, Quadra 800/PM8100 case, Centris (the name), PB150, PB5300, 5200/5300/6200, PM7200/8200, PB1400/117, PM4400, PBG3/233 cacheless, Cube

astromanluca: quite a list

westonm@mac.com: no kidding

11:15 PM

astromanluca: also the AppleVision 1710 monitor, PowerBook Express Modem, GeoPort "Modem", Adjustable Keyboard, USB Keyboard, and puck mouse

astromanluca: <a href="http://www.lowendmac.com/roadapples/index.shtml"; target="_blank">http://www.lowendmac.com/roadapples/index.shtml</a>;

westonm@mac.com: i never minded the puck mouse except for its one button

westonm@mac.com: how did you include the hyperlink?

astromanluca: I can stand the version with the groove in the button

astromanluca: just copy and paste it in

westonm@mac.com: makes sense

astromanluca: I can't use the regular puck mouse without the groove effectively

westonm@mac.com: it was tough

astromanluca: but it is a very durable, precise mouse, especially for a ball mouse

westonm@mac.com: yes it is

astromanluca: my mom got a MacAlly shell for it

westonm@mac.com: did that improve it that much?

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westonm@mac.com: i had thought about for a while but decided against it

westonm@mac.com: the shell that is

astromanluca: the shell just lets you determine the orientation better

astromanluca: it's like night and day

westonm@mac.com: I just wish Apple would offer a two button mouse

astromanluca: huge improvement. And it's so nice for a ball mouse that I think it's worth it

westonm@mac.com: have a standard one button, but at least an option for a two button

astromanluca: Personally, I use a MacAlly one button ADB mouse, the same one I've been using since I got the 7100 about six years ago

westonm@mac.com: wow

astromanluca: It works as well as the day I got it

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astromanluca: I will always buy MacAlly mice from now on, they are the most durable mice on the planet

westonm@mac.com: I just find the second button very handy

astromanluca: They do make a two button ADB mouse

astromanluca: but I don't want to give this one up

westonm@mac.com: lol

11:20 PM

astromanluca: I'll have to get a two button scroller from them because I'm so used to the shape

astromanluca: the iOptiNet, I think

astromanluca: or the iceMouse

westonm@mac.com: another question about iChat: the other people in the chat, are they just away or are they just in a private chat or what?

westonm@mac.com: i'm not to familiar with the whole "chat" thing

astromanluca: umm... could you elaborate?

astromanluca: ooh Macally has a new keyboard called the iceKey

astromanluca: very nice looking

westonm@mac.com: in the left drawer, there are peoples names, yet they never talk

astromanluca: well... looks like they just don't happen to be paying attention at the moment

westonm@mac.com: I was wondering if they are simply engaged in private messaging (if that is possible) or what

astromanluca: they're here

westonm@mac.com: ok

westonm@mac.com: just wondering

astromanluca: no problem

westonm@mac.com: for a one button mouse I find Apples very comfortable

astromanluca: wow I just realized that I've been talking to only one person for twenty minutes


westonm@mac.com: he

astromanluca: yes, Apple does make good one button mice... but they are only one button...

astromanluca: even a two button without a scroll wheel is a big help

astromanluca: what I don't like is those ones with two scroll wheels

westonm@mac.com: this coming form the man that has used the same one button mouse for the last six years

astromanluca: totally useless

astromanluca: hehe

astromanluca: well, I'm used to it

westonm@mac.com: whatever floats your boat

astromanluca: But I'm going to have a two button once I get the new computer

westonm@mac.com: hmm...

westonm@mac.com: sleep

westonm@mac.com: need

astromanluca: Also, six years ago, a two button mouse wasn't really useful anyway

westonm@mac.com: I have to go (sleep)

astromanluca: okay, good night

westonm@mac.com: see ya around

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11:25 PM

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astromanluca: hi

jrw227: hello

astromanluca: i'm gonna go

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11:30 PM

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spartiansoldier: hello

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spartiansoldier: i say hello and they leave, hmm

spartiansoldier: hello hello

11:50 PM

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12:10 AM

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    kecksykecksy Posts: 1,002member
    Wow! All of those conversations sucked.
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    you should see the chat whenever murbot and I are both there. <img src="graemlins/lol.gif" border="0" alt="[Laughing]" />

    And then there are those old kooks Cliff and Enoch. <img src="graemlins/oyvey.gif" border="0" alt="[No]" />

    I would post some old transcripts, but they just don't have the same effect without the changing buddy icons and different font styles for each personality.

    [ 09-23-2002: Message edited by: Brad ]</p>
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    yes, they lose quite alot when not seen and read in real time....plus, it would generally be considered somewhat rude to post conversations unless you let the people know that you will be publishing it later....not that i care, but others might....especially since we sometimes talk about people after they leave... :eek: g
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    Because someone was actually dumb enough to ask, here's a brief clip from one of Cliff Yablonski's and his brother Enoch's heated arguments:

    The names have been futzed to protect the innocent.

    [ 09-23-2002: Message edited by: Brad ]</p>
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    <img src="graemlins/lol.gif" border="0" alt="[Laughing]" /> <img src="graemlins/lol.gif" border="0" alt="[Laughing]" /> <img src="graemlins/lol.gif" border="0" alt="[Laughing]" /> <img src="graemlins/lol.gif" border="0" alt="[Laughing]" />

    Man, that's funny! I can see the word "asspastry" keeping me amused for the rest of the week.

    Every time I've been to the room, there's either been no-one there, or everyone's been quiet...
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    emaneman Posts: 7,204member
    [quote]Originally posted by Brad:

    <strong>you should see the chat whenever murbot and I are both there. <img src="graemlins/lol.gif" border="0" alt="[Laughing]" />

    And then there are those old kooks Cliff and Enoch. <img src="graemlins/oyvey.gif" border="0" alt="[No]" />

    I would post some old transcripts, but they just don't have the same effect without the changing buddy icons and different font styles for each personality.

    [ 09-23-2002: Message edited by: Brad ]</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Brad's right, it's definately great when him and urbot are in there. A lot more fun.
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    People have been banned from certain bb's for logging chats. Maybe you should heed the warning.

    Besides, who wants to read that sh!t second hand, anyway?
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    This is good stuff to know!!!@# Before today I didn't know us white folk were soulless, rythemless, non people!
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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,262member
    Please do not post chat transcripts on the boards. We are going to end up with people afraid to say anything in that room for fear of it ending up here....

    And besides, who the heck wants to read 36 pages of crap? (Sorry Paul, we still love you)
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