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I've been communicating with the superintendent of my school corporation recently regarding macs/PCs. Yesterday, I send him an article from Charles Hadadd about apple in education. His sent back a two tiered response. He says that apple needs to do a better job educating IT people about the mac, especially OS X (I agree), but he also said something that disturbed me. He said that he had trouble emailing with macs. I asked him to elaborate, and below is his explanation. I'd like to know if this sounds right. Also, if anyone has experienced this and knows if it's resolved or not, let me know. We are building a new High School and a new Elementary School and I'm not making much headway into gettings any macs.


You and I and most people I email who have Mac's have tremendous email success.

However, when we go through our servers from PC to Mac's, at times problems

develop. This may a problem on the PC side as much as the Mac side, but most the

world is communicating through PCs.

I am a believer that these problems are being minimized each day on the R&D side of

Apple. However, I know this has caused some concern not only in our corp., but in

many around the country.

In the late 70s, a video tape player by Sony was the first and best to the market.

It was call a BETA video player, and operated and looked just like a regular VCR.

However, it had a slightly larger tape than VCR format, and when run at regular

speed, actually a slightly better picture. Unfortunately, Sony (much like Apple)

was the only manufacture of the BETA machine, while RCA, Zenith, and dozens of

other electric big names were able to build the VCR format machine. As a result,

BETA became history. Sony, thus changed, bought into the VCR format, and now is

the largest manufacture of Video VCR and DVD machines in the world. They continue

to stand for quality, but understand the market did not appreciate the quality of

the BETA machine. It will be interesting if Apple ever begins to build a quality PC

to compliment their quality line of Macs.

Thanks again for sharing Haddad's thoughts. What he says about administrators is

not totally accurate, but it does have some merit. He does not offend me, I like

his writing style.

Mr. Sprunger"



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