Apple is coming back.

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I know, I know, I am always looked at by fellow AI members as an idiot loser with nothing better to do than kiss Steve Jobs' ass. I am here to say: Just Hear Me Out.

Apple Computer is in an interesting place right now. The economy is sluggish, the PC industry is slothful and the world doesnt really care about computers. I honestly believe that if Apple were in the position that they are in now, 5 years ago, they would be selling 5 times the ammount of computers they are selling now, per quarter. Apple trots CEO Steve Jobs onstage every MacWorld for seemingly the last two years to talk about the same thing; the digital hub strategy. While I agree that there are great ideas behind this strategy, Apple would be better suited to release a $650 computer, than to be trying to sell $1,000+ computers with flashy software. The truth be told, PEOPLE DONT CARE ABOUT SOFTWARE. They really just do not. If they did, we would all have Macs!

Apple is now in a situation (product wise) that they have been in for the last 3-4 years. They have great software and a lack of competitively priced (and performing) hardware. WHY IS APPLE COMING BACK THEN? Well, they never were going away but I believe the days of 10-15 % market share are ahead of us. I think that the future looks bright for Apple hardware because of a certain Power4 chip.......Flames?

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    If I may paraphrase...

    Sales sucks now because consumers are dumb, but the product is good even if it is slow. Don't worry, apple will triple their market share, but I don't know why or how.
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    Actually I don't think sales can suck that bad right now for Apple. They got one Apple Store Opening after another so they have to be making a good amount of money some place. I am one of the Switchers along with a ton of other people. I think Apple has growin a lot lately and I hope to see a little rise in overall user base from 5% to 6% that is some thing but any higher would be good
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    [quote]Originally posted by MafiaMac:

    <strong> PEOPLE DONT CARE ABOUT SOFTWARE. </strong><hr></blockquote>

    This is plain WRONG. People DO CARE about software. I'm working right now (in a PC only company) and the guy sitting next to me is seriously considering buying an iMac with Superdrive because of iMovie and iDVD I personally know quite a few people who's bought Mac because of attractive SW packages. I think people are becoming more concerned about hassle free computer experience than let's say the number of Gigaherz.

    The consumer lineup at Apple is rather slow and that's a problem, yes. But don't say people don't care about the SW. It's the SW along with outstanding design that's currently selling Macs.
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    Another typical Macintosh thread.
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    [quote]Originally posted by EmAn:

    <strong>Another typical Macintosh thread.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    What's that supposed to mean?
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    I think that for most people, they don't care about software under most circumstances. But if you point out the alternatives and what they either need to go through or agree to, the Mac seems like a much smarter deal. My brother is looking to get a new computer. He was thinking about a Dell mostly because it was inexpensive and he was relatively sure it would work well enough. His wife loves my family's iMac, but the Dell was good enough. But then I mentioned to him the license agreements he must agree to to use Windows and the problems inherent in the security of that system and he was sort of taken aback. All the DRM stuff really rubbed him the wrong way.

    His reaction was that he never even would have thought about it before, but the DRM clauses in the agreement might just be enough to turn him to the Mac. He's now looking at an eMac and an iBook for him. Was it FUD that I was spreading by reading him the DRM clauses? Maybe, but at least he's educated. If people would just realize what they were agreeing to, Apple would be in much better shape.


    ps - I read my OSX agreement, and I accepted the fact that I shouldn't run a nuclear power plant on my Ti.
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    I happen to think you are right on the issue of software. Fine, people do care about it but I think to a lesser extent THAN THEY SHOULD. I think that is correct otherwise more macs would sell based on their software alone. The trouble is a lot of people place to much stock in hardware. Hardware is important and it is part of the entire package of a computer, a part Apple cant ignore. Hopefully hardware problems are addressed soon.
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    [quote]Originally posted by Kecksy:


    What's that supposed to mean? </strong><hr></blockquote>

    It means this was another thread like all the other ones Macintosh (MafiaMac) starts.
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