Refurbished iPhone Stock

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Thought I would try to get some peoples thoughts on some issues that I've been having with an Apple product my iPhone 6s plus, I've had all the previous iPhones and some MacBook Pros over the years.
I purchased my last iPhone 6s plus in January 2016 since then I've had four replacements the last only lasting a week it kept shutting down even when the battery was still at 35 to 50% full, all these units were tested by Apple technicians and had hardware faults except the first the volume buttons sunk in.
My point is that Apple are replacing faulty iPhones say like my first with a damaged volume key sometimes with refurbished stock, this means not new internal components, I know that these are tested but all components have a limited life span and these are not new so can fail earlier.
I don't see how Apple see it fare or responsible to do this when your paying say £699 for a new iPhone6s plus and it fails a few months later to offer you a second hand replacement.

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