Apple News App Vs News Sources Apple News Scrubs From Its News App -Is This Censorship Warranted?

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Apple has a abosulute right to screen and select the News Services it distributes in the Apple News App.

One persons point of view:  This censorship of the news purposefully by Apple on this app serves  an important public service. While they could accept all manner of thought, even outside of the accepted scientific bounds or other factual limits of reasoned  thought. This has added interest, because many of the 'outside the bounds' ideas out there are possibly shared by numerous small segments of their  Apple News App readership.

This heavy News consumer almost exclusively uses Apple News App and I am well versed in the several things I am especially concerned with. And I can honestly say that in all my use of this App, I have never received one iota of so called, 'fake' news. This great trustworthy source is invaluable to the sober consumer of any knowledge.

Do you feel that non fact based News should be accessible through the Apple News App? 

Thank you in advance for playing!

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