Apple Takes Part In A MultiMillion Dollar Fraud Against Cable and Streaming News Consumers!

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Background: Since the inception of the CSPAN coverage of federal business and cultural programming, the cable outlets have been collecting and not always properly using the ,subscription tax they are charging consumers on their monthly bills. CSPAN was created by Congress and funded by a cable subscription from each cable outlet, the funds aggregated from charges they take monthly from consumers. 

Yet, more often than not, cable subscribers, paying the monthly subsidy fee, are only receiving 1, 2 and sometimes none of the Legislated 3 CSPAN channels.

how is Apple involved, tangentially, Apple is a 'cable provider'. I know not if they are  collecting or responsible for the 'cable provider' subscription fee as other more traditional providers are required to do.

but, regardless of their legal standing, cable news provider or not, Apple has an ethical and patriotic responsibility to stream CSPAN information at all times! I have contacted Apple on this, about a year ago. The management person I spoke to thought it was a good idea to provide those channels, but as of yet, I have not seen them arrive.

Each main stream and regulated provider, which are provided the rights to use our communication channels, should take it on themselves to live up their obligation to take part in this public service.

If Apple, and the other streaming services are not providing these channels as normal programming then they are breaking their contract with the public. Apple should eat the minuscule cost of this public service and carry on.

the cable operators should have their feet held directly on that fire, be responsible to refund the 'tax' they have been charging beyond the scope of their legally required 3 channel CSPAN coverage, and adjust programming in the future to include CSPAN. And Congress should insist on this, with 

An uninformed public can not hope to self govern!

What do you think? Thanks in advance for playing!

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