Major issue with USB-C

in Current Mac Hardware
So Apple has released a couple of new MacBooks since a year back - all of them with one or multiple USB-C connectors. So far so good - or bad, depending on your viewpoint.

But it seems that neither Apple nor manufacturers of 3rd party accessories believe in this new USB standard. Why? How many USB-C hubs are for sale out there with more than one USB-C connection? If, you are like me, and have bought the 12 inch MacBook you have only USB-C connection. Buying e.g. Apples USB-C to HDMI/USB-A/USB-C adapter and prefer to have the charger connected you have zero USB-C connections available for other accessories. As far I have been able to locate only OWC has a (rather expensive) USB-C hub with multiple USB-C connections. All others have only one USB-C connection - many times it can only be connected to a USB-C charger. 

Since I have had my 12 inch MacBook since this spring I've actually started to buy USB-C connected accessories but I have found out that I can't have them and the charger at the same time which I find a bit sad since everyone is convinced that USB-C is the next standard - which is great. But please start making USB-C hubs with multiple USB-C connections so we can start the switch for real!!
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