The Naked Truth

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I've just got done reading "Macintosh...The Naked Truth", and I will tell you that this is "chicken soup for the mac fanatic".

It goes through and gives you mac biased, but perfectly real and legit statements. It gives the down sides of using a mac and the glories. It makes you feel good inside, haha. Scott Kelby (the author) is a pro mac guy who is deeply into tons of mac stuff and photoshop and all of his books are great and I would recommend them. Basically if you have the change to buy this book (19.99 at barnes and nobles) then you should. I read its 219pgs in 2days.

Also for all you people I have a part from the book for you:

One last thing

I want to put your mind to east about Apple Computer as a company. Do what I do,"Dont worry about Apple." THe best way I've ever heard it expressed was during my first trip to Apple's Cupertino headquarters a few years bck, while Apple was going through one of its rough periods (before steve's return). I got off the plane at the San Jose airport, and as I was heading toward the baggage claim I noticed a large backlit add on the terminal wall. What caught my eye was the Apple logo at the bottome of the ad. I walked over and saw that this was an add recruiting people to join Aple as employees. Since it was a local employment ad, maybe that's why I've never, before or since, read the quote that I'm going to share with you. At the bottome of the ad, this said it all"

"There will always be skeptics.

There will always be disbelievers.

ANd there will always be Apple to prove them wrong."

Hope that entices you to buy this book, because in short, this book tells the way it the way it is, the truths about mac (in a commedic way)

IF anyone has any question check it out on amazon, or ask me.

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