Switchers Guide...AI unite! haha

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Mount_My_Floppy has come up with a great idea.

How about we make a switchers guide that people new to OS X and switchers can read to understand things. The help menu isn't super easy to find what you want, and it would be nice for a breif summary and tips guide for newbies.

What I thin should be included:

Apps (where they are, what they do)

Sys Prefs (what they do)

Where things are (admit it, the desktop being in the users/*urname*/ isn't the simplest thing ever)

Where things go, and organization ideas

Common key commands


Reccommened apps


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    For system preferences we could show them where things are in relation to OS 9 and windows. Most the key commands are the same as in widows exept its command instead of alt. I get started on some ideas. Like I said I wont have a whole lot of time to work on this. If some one can find a place to host this I can do all the development such as the PHP. I can make it so all registered users can post there stories and hints and tips for others. Any one else going to get in on this?
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    ibrowseibrowse Posts: 1,749member
    This sounds like a really good idea.
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