No More Clap Outs

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So we had someone leave our store today and I was told that clap outs are no longer part of the culture. It was really sad to see this person just walk out the door without a fond farewell. I was told that the company had decided it was no longer ok because customers complained that it took too long. Not my experience in almost 10 years there. I saw customers join in and then comment on how cool a company it must be to send someone on their way like this. 


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    jSnivelyjSnively Posts: 329administrator
    I'm going to move this to AppleOutsider because I don't think it's in the right forum : )
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    sphericspheric Posts: 1,791member
    You mean applause for buying a Mac? That was really, really creepy, and I know several people who were never going to buy a Mac at an Apple Store because of it. 

    Maybe we Germans are a little weird that way, but...ick. 
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