Waterlogged landscaping, open Atrium shown in latest 4K drone video of Apple's Campus 2



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    Soli said:
    JinTech said:
    Very little has changed since the last video. I look forward to seeing a video update in April, that will show some real progress.
    It's January 11th and you're bitching that not much has changed since the last video which that was released on January 1st? if you don't think a week and half, plus new shots we hadn't seen before and 176 acres covered in water is good enough for you to watch this short video then don't watch it. Personally, I thought the shot of the cars coming and going from parking structure and all the rain and other changes were interesting, and I'll be watching the next video at the end of this month, the next month, and so on until its finished.

    I'm looking forwarded to the inevitable timelapse video of the construction when it is complete!

    Actually, though they do not have a camera shooting the construction 24/7 the past couple of years, I wonder if a timelapse video can be stitched together from multiple sources…

    Like with my other large, longterm projects, I assume they setup cameras off campus to capture the work on a daily or weekly basis. Either attached to some building or up on a pole they erected.

    Plus, I assume (certainly hope) they've been filming various aspects from the ground and air. Specifically milestones, like the CF roof being put in place or the first or last piece of glass on the ring structure being set in place.

    If there's an event in March for the rumoured new iPads, the auditorium could potentially be used for that venue. The parking structure is next to it and landscaping is both underway and doesn't need to be complete for that to happen (although I feel as those they'd probably want the passage between the parking structure to the auditorium for the media to have a layer of sod over it). 
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