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ok, so i go to connect to the internet the other day, and i find that my cable modem is out. no big deal, this happens on occasion, usually waiting a little bit is all i need and it's back in action.

so two days go by, and still nothing, so i call up AT&T. they say that my account has been shut off due to "unacceptable use". i was surprised, so i called the new number and talked to the folks over there.

they told me that they had done a port scan, and i had shown up as running some kind of proxy server called analogX. i explain that i don't have any proxy server running (oddly enough no p2p was installed on this machine yet) and that there's no way it was me. here's my setup.

i have a linksys NAT that's running to the outside world, that allows connection sharing. on the othe side i have two machines plugged right into the NAT, the cable modem to the NAT, and a Dnet wireless base station. about 90% of the time, the only machine online is my PB.

after i get off the phone with this guy, i go to plug my PB back into the NAT, as i had plugged it straight into the cable modem while trouble shooting. after i do this, i go to check on what ports i'm allowing access to, and i find that i can't access my NAT anymore. i power cycle it, reset it, whole nine yards. turns out that NONE of my machines can access my NAT now, but the connection still works going through it.

is anyone out there aware of a way that something AT&T could have done would have screwed up my NAT? i had accessed the admin tool just a few days prior with no trouble, and now nothing can get into it. i have no idea how they could do anything to it that would affect the connection between my machine and the NAT though.


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    I dunno but some thing sounds a little Odd here. My Cable Internet Provider makes me I say again makes me register my computer with there site before it can be used online. If you don't register your computer the internet will not go though. How they do it I don't know. They have to take some kind of serial number out of the computer but I have yet to figure it out. I have ran NATs with no problem and I have also used routers and stuff but who is paying for the connection us or them?
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    they use your MAC address, which is a hardware address for your network card. i have my NAT spoofing a MAC address, which is why i want access to my NAT again. when i did that hardware reset, it also reset my NAT's MAC address spoofing, which isn't good. just a matter of time before i get in trouble for that.
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