Printer, mini USB flash drive, or both?

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It may seem funny to have to decide between a mini USB drive and a printer, but that's exactly the situation I'm in. Right now I'm in college and I just got my new (to me) dual 500 G4. I have to write papers frequently and so far I've been using my iPod to bring my papers into the computer labs and print from there (only 5-10 cents per page). But that's a bit inconvenient, since the iPod is a bit heavy, a bit of a hassle, and requires the use of a Mac and a FireWire cable.

Anyway, I'm not sure if I should go for a little USB drive (I saw 128 MB ones on eBay for $60, and 64 MB ones for $30) or a printer. If I had a printer, it would be very easy to print stuff out whenever I need to, but it would also require that I buy ink and paper, and I have to deal with setting it up.

Anyway, which would people here recommend? Hopefully there's someone who is also in college and has the same sort of situation, so you can tell me how it works out for you.


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    It's been a while since I've attended college, but (for me) the choice is simple.

    Get a $50 inkjet printer.

    My TIME in college was very valuable. I'd have done almost anything to avoid going to the computer lab and having to pay for paper and spend TIME waiting for the printout.

    Your local CompUSA or Circuit City or Best Buy should have a cheapo inkjet printer for around $50. you can expect to pay about $18 each time you need to refill a black ink cartridge. When I was in college, an ink cartridge would last me upwards of 3 months before having to be replaced.

    Bear in mind that I'm assuming that you DON'T need laser quality output or color output (though the $50 inkjets usually print in color, too).

    Best of luck,


    P.S. Invariably, you'll have to choose between Epson and HP. Me, I'd go HP every time. I've not tried Canon or Lexmark.
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