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My gf's Pismo PB got stepped on, and the motherboard was damaged, so it looks like a new iBook is in order. We're on a budget, so it would be best if we can get some parts from the old machine into the new. I figure there shouldn't be any problem putting the old AirPort card in the iBook, given I can find the antenna hookup.

What about RAM? If I can move one of the 256Mb chips from the old PB into the new iBook, I could order the base config and bump it up to 384Mb. Does anyone know if the same low profile SO-DIMMs that work in a Pismo will also work in an iBook? TIA.

-- ShadyG


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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    you should be able to use both the Airport Card and the ram, (the Pismo has a 100MHz FSB right?). The iBook's hard drive is probably bigger, and its near impossible for the user to replace anyway. nothing you can do with your drive modules (and or PC cards) tho...
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