Rare Apple LISA computers for sale

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Here is your chance to own a part of computer history.  The Apple Lisa was a landmark machine. It was the first commercially available computer to offer a Graphical User Interface (or GUI). Up until this point all machines had to controlled by typing in commands via the keyboard, but the Lisa was supplied with a mouse and allowed the user to 'point and click' just like operating systems today.


Apparently "Lisa" stands for "Local Integrated Software Architecture", but it is well documented that Steve Jobs, Apple's co-founder, named the machine after his daughter. 

I have two Apple Lisa 2 computers both upgraded from Lisa 1's. One is in working condition with all the parts everything powers on as it should and one powers on, but won't navigate beyond a startup prompt screen which is included in the pictures.  The working Lisa comes with the original keyboard (with instructions encased in the bottom) and rare original Lisa 1 mouse (with one small rectangular button), 5MB Lisa Profile which is in full working condition and all of the original software in it’s upright hard case and original documentation.  It has also been upgraded with a an expansion card with two extra parallel ports.  The second Lisa (which powers on) includes a keyboard (with instructions encased in the bottom) and the original software, but is missing the mouse and computer power cord (the other computer's power cable was used to determine it's condition and it uses a standard computer cable from the time).  Original Mouse comes with it's original box in great condition and the box for the 5MB Profile is included, but shows wear.

The pictures shows the lines in the screen, however that is simply a refresh difference. THERE ARE NO ISSUES WITH THE SCREEN. The lines are only there in the pictures.

$3950 for the working Lisa with original mouse, keyboard, software, manuals, and working profile.

$1450 for the Lisa which powers on with original keyboard, software, and manuals.

or $4950 for the entire lot.

Both machines were upgraded from Lisa 1's and have their original motherboard, I/O board and CPU board.This is as close as you can get to a Lisa 1 without spending $20k+.


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